Insomniac Games’ video statement on current US immigration policy

Insomniac Games CEO & Founder Ted Price addresses the studio’s stance on current US immigration policy.

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In 2011 Obama did a 6 month refugee ban also. Where was the uproar then?

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The left doesn't care what the left does. Only the right.

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It was only for Iraq and it was in response to credible threats linked to the refugee program.

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It was congress, not "Obama", and it was based on intelligence data concerning imminent terror threats. Trump's ban doesn't ban a single country that has yielded a terrorist attack on the US, ever. ...probably because he does business in those countries.

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Obama didn't place a refugee ban. He placed a freeze on visas. Simple google search would help you idiots out. I'll summarize it for based on a report from ABC news.

Breitbart, Jan. 29: In 2013, ABC News first revealed that two years earlier, the State Department had imposed a freeze over the processing of Iraqi refugees for six months. The halt was the result of the discovery of two al-Qaida members admitted as refugees from Iraq who were living in Bowling Green, Kentucky and who had admitted to targeting U.S. troops in Iraq.

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Sweden is now the rape capital of the western world, and it has no-go zones where ambulances even need a police escort. There are "sharia patrols" all over Europe harassing people on the streets. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and UAE refused Syrian refugees. They must hate Muslims, right? Keep supporting open borders and holding up those signs, I'm sure it will work out.

Feel free to actually read the executive order:
You'll need to refer other documents listed, like 8 U.S.C. 1187, to understand it all.

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There's a big difference between what Obama did with Iraq (one country) and what Trump is doing with muslims and muslim countries that don't benefit his companies bottom line. Keep defending Xenophobia and Fascism, while the rest of us defend America and freedom.

The problem is that right wingers think they have no faults and change the facts (alternate) to suite that notion.

Stand up for America and against Donald Trump.

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Have to respect IG for their beliefs, I'll always support them because they make some of my favorite games. I look forward to the new Spider-Man game.

I find it funny how people are b*tching that IG is using their right to express their views as is their right too (it's called freedom of speech), ppl complaining here should get over themselves.

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I do believe that there needs to be a serious discussion on immigration policies in the USA.

I do believe as human beings we are compassionate and accepting when it comes to accepting people as humanitarians, but not necessarily those with malicious ideologies "terrorism" that doesn't behold American values.

A good argument from the left is that we are a nation that welcomes people and that banning certain countries who give the radicals fuel in anti-American sentiment.

A good argument from the right was I lock my doors not because I Hate the people outside but because I Love the people inside and want to protest them.

Both sides agree we need to vent people and do a background check of people to make sure we invite the good people in our country.


How to proceed then, well it needs to be a discussion, to Listen another person's perspective, not just hear them to hear them to make #owned or to overthrow their argument, nor should it be in protest against America for the actions of Trump and only Trump does.

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Nice comment. Very well said.

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Nothing about this is "good on them".

It's never a good idea for a business owner to spout off political opinions.

Why? Because all it does is alienate half of your potential customers.

People like me who will remember this when I'm happily never buying any of their games.

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At least it's better than what the Starbucks guy announced #BoycottStarbucks

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good job for saying they support isis? Trump already said the good ones will get in just fine. they just want to keep the bad ones out. you know if you went over to these countries you would probably get killed because of your American ways. clueless people.

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You know, if they came over here, they would probably get killed by some white gunman on a shooting spree. Clueless people. /s

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I like this. I also like seeing all these other companies around the country stand against Trump as well. When he was campaigning he was talking about going against the establishment and all this, which appealed to a lot of people and in theory that would be a good thing. Not even 2 weeks in and we have more people going against the President himself. It's quite funny. We should stop comparing Trump to Obama too. What Trump is doing is wrong. It's not "ok" because someone else did the same thing (but really, it wasn't the same thing). That to me shows a lot of ignorance and selfishness. Don't justify wrongs because others did it first

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Trump travel ban is on muslim countries that have no known Isol affiliation but leaves out muslim counties that trumps companies have business dealings with, seems indefensible to me but I'm sure some will find a way to defend that. Doing this without proper discussion with key members of his cabinet and other government officials, indefensible. This lone wolf decision is anti american, shows us in his first week of his term what we can expect for the next 4 years. There is a reason we have a government made of of many members and not just one lone wolf running this country, it's to help make decisions that are thought out and beneficial. Doing this helps the terrorist by making us seem anti muslim and punishes people that are doing us no harm. The bad will he has created with this extremely bad decision will linger in peoples memory.

Punishing all muslims for extremist group behavior that the vast majority of Muslims are against and have no affiliation with is wrong, who suffers most from these extremist, the muslims, so in the right wing extremist mind we punish them more. Their are much better ways of protecting our country from terrorist attacks than xenophobia and fascism.

I am not a liberal or a conservative, I am a moderate. Bad decisions or policies no matter the party are bad decisions and are bad for america, it's citizens and the world. Republican's, Democrats all americans need to STAND UP against Donald Trump.

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agreed. this is some bullshit going on. i'm american and i didn't vote for any of this but at least i can say i live in california and we are definitely insulating ourselves from the madness.

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Major respect for Ted Price and that entire team for doing this. Good on them.

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They flagged our comments Inappropriate LMFAO!!!, unbelievable what a complete joke. The SJW's that cant accept facts so they choose to flag LOL!