Looking Back At One Of The Vita's Finest: Wipeout

GameRaven writes:

''The Playstation Vita was, and always will be, an odd little beast. Technically, the system was top notch. It should have been a success, it had everything going for it, but things didn’t ever truly plan out. It’s a shame the Vita is mostly remembered is jest by the masses. There was a some seriously … Continue reading Looking Back At One Of The Vita’s Finest: Wipeout''

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Momo1181259d ago

kinda wish vita wasnt so badly ignored by sony at the end

PixelGateUk1258d ago

it had some good times, not a whole lot of em though


Just letting you know guys I have one Sony hasn't killed it at least not officially. There are still games coming it's not dead

1258d ago
Rhezin1258d ago

can't wait for the OMEGA collection.