The Next Three Backwards Compatibility Titles Have Leaked Early

ThisGenGaming says "The weekly backwards compatibility titles for Xbox One continues, which also means the weekly leak."

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IAmLoki2190d ago

I don't care for these games, but it is nice seeing more titles regularly updated on Xbox BC.

DiceAndRice2190d ago

Just to confirm there will be a Thursday update too. Possibly with bigger titles.

Mr Pumblechook2189d ago

Where is Fable Anniversary? It's a Microsoft title so there should be no legal issues FFS.

Nu2190d ago

If Dragons Dogma gets BC let me know

shockwave4life2190d ago ShowReplies(7)
jaymacx2190d ago

i hope they can bring Ninja gaiden black from xbox originals in some form

Xb1ps42190d ago

I hate remasters or remakes..... but that would be only game I would love as a remaster... wish I had a game like that for this gen, pro and Scorpio of course...

Juiceid2190d ago

Team ninja probably is looking at Nioh to fill in the gap, however I found it rather dull. I'm sure it has its place in the world, but so does speedy hack and slashing.

Princess_Pilfer2190d ago

My system is backwards compatible all the way back to like 1977. That's cool though, at least you get something. (Not sarcasm, sony killing BC at least for PS2/PS1 games just so they can sell them back to you is inexcusable. Emulating the PS3 is hard because it was designed weird, so that's an understandable omission, granted one that was created by their short sightedness.)

Kurisu2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Backwards compatibility is the reason why I'm keeping my Xbox One. I never owned a 360 so being able to play games like Alan Wake and Lost Odyssey (which I started today - finally!) is nice. It's the first time I've used the console since Quantum Break came out. I should have just bought a cheap 360 instead.

andrewsquall2190d ago

Exactly. Imagine if in early 2010, i.e. just shy over 3 years into PS3's life, the only thing you had to look forward to was the announcement of what 1 or 2 BC PS2 games were coming to the console, even though they released a version of the console with 1500 games supported at launch and nobody really cared.

Yeah people would have called it the most overated thing back then too.

EmperorDalek2190d ago

Backwards compatibility is a great extra feature, but it isn't the only thing Xbox users have to look forward to by any stretch. Only most hardcore PlayStation fanboys call it overrated, and it's pretty clear you're part of that group.

It would have been awesome if PS3 kept BC after the first models.

newflesh2190d ago

Sad but true. Xbox one has nothing worth playing, what you can't already find on pc and ps4

thexmanone2189d ago

Maybe people like playing those games you can find on the PS4/PC better on the Xbox one. There is plenty to play on Xbox.

SlyBoogie19932189d ago

Forza Motorsport 6 (not the shitty Apex version)

Chris122189d ago

Another idiot who can't grasp a huge number of us don't want to play on a bloody PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.