Trophies: Mainichi Issyo (JPN only)

Ps3fanboy-Looks like even free games and applications can earn you Trophies. Mainichi Issyo, a free Japanese-only lifestyle program, is being patched today to include Trophies. To get the program, you must have a Japanese PSN account and must be able to read Japanese.

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lost23685d ago

and i dont even know how to play this

PirateThom3685d ago

You don't really "play" it, it's an application of sorts

UNCyrus3685d ago

You get the first trophy for simply installing the September update.. Possibly the easiest trophy ever

KobeT243685d ago

Anyone know where on the PSN store it is?

UNCyrus3685d ago

Japan store only... You have to have a Japanese PSN to DL it... Good thing I can read Japanese though... I'm actually really excited about this :D

KobeT243685d ago

How the heck do you download the September update?

rCrysis3685d ago

to download the September update...

it just happens dude. After all this talking, they just gave me a freaking trophy. lmao