PETA Is Asking Games Workshop To Ban Fur From Warhammer

The animal rights group has written to Games Workshop's CEO asking for the removal of fur from their universe.

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UCForce2695d ago

PETA ! You are not fooling us.

crazychris41242695d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I hope they take out fur but add in a level where you slaughter stray dogs and cats then throw them in dumpsters

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Hysteria942694d ago

It's funny because PETA actually did that to the stray cats and dogs also they are the worst animal rights organisation.

Kurdishcurse2694d ago

so basically...what peta's been doing.

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execution172694d ago

Be funny if they decided to add more fur

Fist4achin2694d ago

That or added physical fur to the boxes of the games and characters.

This is so lame!