Skate 4 Will Save Tony Hawk

Skate 4 may possibly be kick flipping to gamers in the near future with the recent twitter drop that just occurred not long ago, if true, will Skate 4 fill in that Tony Hawk void that we've all been itching at throughout the years? Or is the old bird dead just like the rest of the skating genre.

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opinionated721d ago

Kind of misleading, I thought tony hawk was involved with EA. He never said skate would save tony hawk. He said skate would destroy tony hawk for good actually lol. Skate already destroyed TH years ago. EA also destroyed skate years ago. I hope skate 4 is great like everyone else though.

He asks "where have the fun games gone?" EA liquidated the studio that created skate (blackbox) after a rushed skate 3 failed to deliver. He also seemed to be unaware of the most recent THPS5.

PS: get rid of that royalty free music bruh lmao. You said def jam, I'd be down for that. Redman is my spirit animal.