More Crash Commando Details Revealed, Out In December

Ps3fanboy writes:

"Sony has revealed a whole load of new information about Crash Commando, an upcoming downloadable title that feels like a mix between Warhawk and Soldat. The game will feature 12-players online and offline, with bots making up the numbers if you can't get hold of eleven friends. You'll be battling it out with a multitude of weapons and vehicles, including tanks, rocket launchers and C4 in both multi- and singleplayer modes."

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SeanScythe5556d ago

anyone know if this will have offline multiplayer? I'm not talking about bots only I mean splitscreen with a friend.

Rick Astley5556d ago

The offline multiplayer won't be split-screen. It'll be like Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Pixeljunk Eden. You know, same screen..

SeanScythe5556d ago

thanks that's fine I just didn't want to get a game with only one play offline because I have friends that love these kinda games.

Rick Astley5556d ago (Edited 5556d ago )

So many awesome PSN games coming out this year. :D


7 Playstation Network games that could use Vita versions with cross platform elements

The Playstation Vita is Sony's newest venture into the world of portable handheld gaming. The system itself is rich in feature and functionality. One such feature that was put to the forefront was the ability to content and/or share with Playstation 3 games.

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tarbis4216d ago

Interesting. It would be good to have these games, but I'd like to see some new ones.

lodossrage4216d ago

New ones would be great too.

This was more in the line of giving the things that already exist second life though

xursz4215d ago

I approve of this list but would also put Awesomenauts in there as well.

lodossrage4215d ago

Honestly, I forgot a ton of games truth be told. But a human hand can only type but so many

Killman4215d ago

*Deep breath* Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix!

*Recovers* Please? I know that you suck now Capcom but that was a game of your good days. My first ever purchase on PSN was HD Remix over four years ago. I want Vita-ness!


PlayStation Store Global Update – August 2, 2011

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week's PlayStation Store Update.

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ftwrthtx4508d ago

I'm liking these early store updates.

JonnyBigBoss4508d ago

Another free game for PS Plus! I LOVE IT!

LOGICWINS4508d ago

Free? So u don't have to pay for PS Plus to get it? Nice, can't wait to download.

LOGICWINS4508d ago

What did I do? I just asked a question. Whats your problem man?

BigWoopMagazine4508d ago

well, if I factor in all the other games I've got since I've subscribed, and assume I would have payed for them at cost otherwise, I'd be well over the $50 I spent already. So yeah, now I consider them actually free. Too bad I already own Crash Commando though...

T3mpr1x4508d ago

Ooh, hopefully this results in more players online in Crash Commando. That is a fun game.

decimalator4508d ago

Wow, the EA Sports thing sounds incredibly stupid. You're paying $25 to get early access to a demo and the equivalent of a Call of Duty prestige. Maybe for the hardcore Madden fans or something, but I'll be curious to see how many people bite on that one.

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New Crash Commando Update Coming this Week to PSN

Hey Crash Commando fans. There's a new patch update that we will be releasing later this week, which will fix some of the issues (see below) that have come to our attention since the initial launch of the full game, and the inclusion of the DLC pack released previously in August. As a reminder to players that perhaps have not purchased the latest DLC pack, you will find that we have included 6 new playable characters, ranging from a Commando, to a French Mermaid all with their own unique taunts and animations, and 2 new playable Maps.

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