Conquer Online Patch 5065

Patch 5065 has been released:

New Features:
1. The Loading Screen will show more details about the loading process.
2. People who use Auto Click will be sent to a specific Bot Jail. Then can only get out of there after the turn of the hour, such as 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and so on.
3. Arrows will be auto-loaded when one quiver is used up (no need to open your inventory manually).

Bug Fixed
1. Earrings will not be displayed as flowers.
2. Dyed Armors will not show another color after taking off the garment.
3. Hairstyles will now display correctly after wearing Good Luck (Garment).
4. Gender will not be mistaken in Nobility Rank.
5. The display of server time will not be related to the client side.

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