The Impact of White Knight Story

Chris Rah Osiris of PlayStation writes:

Famitsu delivered one amazing Christmas gift to RPG fans in Japan. An RPG for Christmas is certainly going to make gamers happy. To say White Knight Story fell off the radar would be an overstatement, but this game has been MIA for about a year now. This has some worried. Threads regarding the apparent rushed release of the title are popping up. Hold your horses, cool your heels, and rest assured, this is not the case.

Level-5 unveiled this game to the world in 2006 and PS3 owners rejoiced. It has been 2 years, and PS3 owners have yet to truly have their JRPG thirst quenched. This is not a knock on other RPG titles available for the PS3. However, this is my personal thank you to Level-5. I have no clue what this feature or element is. It could be a myriad of things, but this article will not delve too deep into that.

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rCrysis3685d ago

who else is importing this baby? =]

I know I am!

Rick Astley3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Day one import for sure. I wouldn't mind having two copies of yet another brilliant Level-5 game.

gaffyh3685d ago

I'll import it if it has English subs (hopefully). Btw, this article is actually pretty good.

No FanS Land3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

On what website are you planning to import the game because I'd like it too especially since the recent decrease in yen value.

Any of you 3 please, it would help out if you sent a web link.

gaffyh3685d ago

@No Fans Land - you obviously got your answer, but for any others who may be wondering you can import from

B-Rein3685d ago

I freakin WISH!!!!! i Knew JAPANESE fluently

ive been goin crazy about this game since ive seen That KICKASS trailer in 2006 with that awesome song!!!

damn !!!! hope eu release would be soon after the jap 1

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OGharryjoysticks3685d ago

I hope they made the graphics better in the past 2 years

Aclay3685d ago

Once White Knight Story hits Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if the impact that it has in Japan ends up bigger than MGS4 caused because it's really the first big JRPG to hit the PS3.

This game alone would easily be enough to counter both The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery in Japan and then just 3 months after White Knight Story drops, the Final Fantasy Advent Children PS3 bundles will be unleashed... the PS3 will be selling like mad.

remanutd553685d ago

i agreed with you and call me crazy but i think level 5 will unveil a new game very soon

vizigoth3685d ago

Final Fantasy Advent Children PS3 bundle? The Movie? Did I miss something?

rCrysis3685d ago

yes, the Advent Children Blu-ray PS3 Bundle =] =]

INehalemEXI3685d ago

Advent Children Complete will have the FF13 Demo on it as well.

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juuken3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )


...*needs to brush up on Japanese*
Hopefully they have English subtitles though.

That trailer is so damn awesome.

rCrysis3685d ago

brushing up on japanese sounds good. and uh trailer? the old ones? did I miss something juuken? =/

cemelc3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

If i import the game will it have English sub????? what about the menus??????

I dont mind jp voices

rCrysis3685d ago

don't know if it'll have english subs or not, wait for TGS =]

Stryfeno23685d ago

You wrote...
It depends on what you do with that copying as a whole! If you copy ideas and don't expand on them, then that's just copying. If you expand on them, that means you had enough creativity to expand on it".

So let me get this staright...If I plagirise on a paper in my writing class, as long expand on it and make it look creative then it is not plagirism?

STFU!!!! A cheater is a cheat no matter how you want to spin it. If you rip-off an idea, no matter how much you change or add it...It is still not your idea to begin with.

Juuken I'm sorry, but you are a dumb ass.

cemelc3685d ago

Thx for the info bubble + for you

cahill3685d ago

is now officially finished in Japan and EUROPE

It was dead in those territories ages ago
WKS is just the final nail in the coffin

MS and X360 we never knew you

rCrysis3685d ago

@cemec-thanks a lot bro, bubble for you too!

@patchstation-why don't you go do something else but troll around juuken's comments. it's 360 fanboys like you that make me throw up. I know! Go get RRoD!

juuken3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

XephyrNesion: I actually meant the old trailer...^^;

I can't stop watching it. The game sounds way too epic.
Didn't we just had this discussion back in the other thread?
You're pretty much off topic you know.
Your analogy with the paper is a lot different from what I just said to you. Of course if you copy from a paper, you're cheating. That's a lot different than what I just said to you. How can you sit down there and accuse Sony of copying when Microsoft does the same exact thing? Most of Sony's implementations stemmed from Nintendo. Without Nintendo, Sony wouldn't have existed.

You just love to be right, even though you're wrong.

You are the idiot, not me. And how about *you* shut the f*ck up? And it's dumbass, not dumb ass ya illiterate jackass!

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