Mythic: Why You Should Play 'Warhammer Online' Instead Of 'World of Warcraft'

MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John reports:

"After years of development, today is the official worldwide release of "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning."

At a demo last month, I had an extensive interview with EA Mythic head and lead "Warhammer Online" designer Mark Jacobs. He spoke about the alarming failure rate of MMOs and what's needed to be successful against the unprecedented success of "World of Warcraft."

But as a regular "WoW" player who's never played any form of "Warhammer," I also wanted to know straight-up: Why should I play "WAR" instead of "WoW"?

Here's what Jacobs told me during that interview..."

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Ghoul3684d ago

I love this game best mmo ive played todate.

Pain3684d ago

1. it not baby's first MMO.

2.its not the IP clone like Wow is.

3. No words just watch.

4. Its F&%*%$ WARHAMMER BABY!!!!!!!!!

if u a wow fan just shut up and go back and play your acid trip baby's first MMO.

Xiru3684d ago

I agree and bubbles for you!

Xiru3684d ago

I'm hooked as well. I honestly thought there was really no PVE aspect to this game, but yesterday I joined an awesome guild and we ran through the chapter 7 and 8 public quests. So much fun! This game is rewarding in both PVP and PVE. My favorite MMO since Everquest!

Ghoul3684d ago

true i love both aspect pve and pvp its great :D

Filet of Children3684d ago

I'm not clear on what the "nameless MMO" is to which the article refers... Which major MMO now is looking to make the leveling process harder and more arduous?

That's a serious question - anyone know?

harrisonxxi3683d ago

If they dont get game stability fixed fast it wont matter.

Launch Day: PVP scenarios down
Day after launch: 4 1/2 patch to fix what was working for the headstart

That said.

Its a pretty good game, and the pvp is excellent (at least scenario based). Keep sieges can get really really boring though, and pve is non-existant besides pqs and quests (and tbh you can level 3-4x faster grinding scenarios anyway).

I think im gonna stick with wow for pve and play war for pvp.