Fracture Demo on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Now

Chris Faylor of ShackNews writes: "As promised, a demo of Day 1 Studios' terrain-deforming action game Fracture (PS3, 360) is now available to Xbox 360 owners through the console's online Marketplace...The PlayStation 3 demo is expected to arrive later today"

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ozsman3680d ago

sweet...Can't wait to check this out.

Rick Astley3680d ago

I cannot believe how much this game sucks.

Montrealien3680d ago

you would need to try it before you judge it Rick. Nice try though.

on topic: This game is pretty good, original, which means a lot to me these days.

InMyOpinion3680d ago

I don't think he's aware that it's multiplatform.

SL1M DADDY3680d ago

If Rick can't say it sucks before playing it, how is it then that you can say it is good? Double standard much?

Montrealien3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I tried it this morning, downloaded it on my 360 and gave it a whirl before work. I will try it tonight also, feel free to add my Gamertag and check it out tonight. I will always be rdy to back up any claims I make on N4G, I know I can`t say the same for other N4G users. Now feel free to take your double standard accusation and stick it back in your drawer.

on topic:

once again, I think it is a good game, that is all, at least worht a rent as I have stated. I also don`t believe Rick tried it, but that, does not concern you, does it?

marinelife93680d ago

I'll give it a try but it doesn't sound like it's going to take away much of my Socom time.

ozsman3680d ago

I think I'll just add it to my ever growing list of games to buy.

SL1M DADDY3679d ago

I'll stick my double standard accusation away when you stick your false accusations away bud. Sorry, but you have no idea if Rick tried it and just because he said it sucks you say he didn't play the game... Well, I played the demo and agree with Rick, it is not all that great.

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SullyDrake3680d ago

I hope the comparisons are at least held off until the games' release.

PirateThom3680d ago

Absolutely horrible.

An ambitious attempt at world modification as a gameplay element that falls short by being a terrible game.

himdeel3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

...I guess those are the breaks when you have such ambitious ideas for a new IP. I'm really thinking developers should start releasing demos earlier and accepting feedback from people who're interested in the game. This way they can polish or revamp the overall direction of the game for the better. Seems that by the time they release a demo it's already too late. That's how I felt about the new Star Wars game :( Developing a game in a vacuum isn't good for anyone, it's easy to become blinded by your own work.

PirateThom3680d ago

It's like TFU in that you know there's an awesome game somewhere in there and if they had maybe made a few changes it would have been worth at least renting, but the design choices just let it down.

Fracture is like that, but even worse, the combat really lets it down, the enemy AI is terrible, the terrain modification is quite limited and unrealistic. So much is wrong it goes from Mercs 2 style "fun while you wait for something better" to "the one to avoid", which is a shame.

Montrealien3680d ago

so negative, after only trying the demo? I mean, I may be blind but it seems that if it is not a Sony exclussive, you never have anything positive about it Pirate.

Drekken3680d ago

Yeah I am sure he doesnt like it cause 360 owners get to play it to Mont.... my conclusion of you stands strong.

kingme713680d ago


That's what focus groups should be for. Developers need to get feedback in an environment where they can monitor and see how people react to their gaming elements from people not associated with the game and then take that back and incorporate it, then rinse and repeat.

If you let just everyone at it there would be alot of noise to filter through.

2 games come to mind that would have done well to solicit focus groups: Too Human considering everyone complains about the same thing (long death sequence for example) and Alone in the Dark where it was a good game just held back by some bad design choices. In both cases these games were fixable as evidenced by how quickly Eden fixed AITD and how Dyack said the death sequence could have been fixed in just a few minutes if they wanted to (so where's the patch for that one?).

PirateThom3680d ago


Yeah, good point.

Except, and here's where you cunning plan falls down, while calling Fracture lame, I praised Mercs 2 in the same sentence for being fun.

Nice try.

Montrealien3680d ago

meh, so that`s one game, I said that I may be blind, so I missed that one. anyone that scans through your comments can tell a lot about what kind of gamer you are.

eitherway, dont want to go too off topic. You don`t like it, I respect that.

Dacapn3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

IMO most multiplatform games do suck. Their exclusive counterparts are almost always better. Either way, when PSN updates I'll check it out.

poopsack3680d ago

damn im trying to download mercs, fracture and update floding at home to lief with playstation at the same time. :0

Alvadr3680d ago

Played PS3 version...

Had good fun messing around with the terrain gun. Thought it was a great game at first until the action started, from then it seemed seriously flawed.

They should have just done something like Portal with this concept instead of making full blown action game.

Graphics look really sweet with only a tad bit of tearing in large action areas.

Wont be purchasing!

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LinuxGuru3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I knew it would suck.

I have a "future - suckage - possibility -O'Meter" built into my brain.

And no, it doesn't apply to myself, so don't ask.

Variable3680d ago

but then again you probably have an option on it that is called "calibration"

ThatCanadianGuy3680d ago

I didn't try the demo.But from what i've seen of it so far..I have no interest in this game.

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