Nintendo's "Celestial Event" was a Bomb

Binge Gamer's Allison Boyer, who just happens to live near Kirby Park in Kingston, PA, decided to wake up extra early and go to see what the big Nintendo event down at Kirby Park (along with three other "Kirby" locations) was.

As it turns out, it was a bubble machine that made pink Kirby faces. That's it. Just a bubble machine.

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Smacktard3735d ago

Oh my god. That is absolutely pathetic.

Panipal20053735d ago

Have a heart, people had to go out and embarrass themselves by making sure this 'promotion' actually happened. How do you think they felt?

gaffyh3734d ago

How the hell did they make it keep it's shape??!?!

Anyways I guess that means a new Kirby game is coming.

CNIVEK3735d ago

...that Nintendo SUCKS. :o

Enigma_20993735d ago

... that IS kinda sad, I admit it...

ZackFair3735d ago

Nintendo disappoints as usual

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