European Playstation Store Update - 18/09

The Playstation Store has now been updated, this week brings a few surprises such as a demo for Fracture, Soul Calibur and NBA Live 09.

The full list is below:

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Daver3684d ago

Thats a great update for European!

RadientFlux3684d ago

hmmm Fracture I guess I have something else to download on my PS3 tonight, hopefully by that time the demo will be available for North America

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3684d ago

We are working hard to satisfy the European fanbase who has been whipping Microsoft in sales for months

remanutd553684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

and still they are making a faster progress than they did with ps and ps2 in the beginning , dont worry yoshida WE the fans know how sony works , slow in the beginning and then ... well we all know the story , i wanna see this haters post when sony gets hot, i bet they will be nowhere near to be found in here

Gam713684d ago

at remancity55

here's a lesson for you, it would suit lord yoshi but he's 12 and a bit thick whereas despite your comment I believe you aren't as bad
"i wanna see this haters post when sony gets hot, i bet they will be nowhere near to be found in here "

is that this or these haters post? anyway i'm of track lord yoshi hates on ms all the time. He's a troll. Go read any 360 thread. For no reason he decided to use this to have a dig at ms.

Why? its about software content on psn. Where does ms come into this?
And why didn't he mention ninty in europe? They have nothing to do with content on psn. They're in europe, they're beating son... oh i see why he didn't.

My comment was aimed at him and his stupidity.
Now take into account what i said and read his comment again and ask yourself is he the type of person you'd want on your side?
Does he make the rest of you ps fans look good? or even normal?

also his comment about sony satisfying european customers is bull, look at prices delays, dualshock 3 etc.

and yes its not just sony who screw us europeans its ms and ninty but he didn't mention them.

remanutd553684d ago

at GAM71, ok fair enough , i know is these not this lol made a mistake its just that people hate on ps3 so much in this website but i guess it is what it is, i supposed the same can be said on the xbox but you wont see me posting on anything xbox related cuz i really dont follow microsoft machine but i dont hate them its just i've never got into their franchises in the original xbox, in fact im really happy that microsoft is making sony flexing their muscle in this industry but they wont be behind for too long and to me (as my personal opinion) ps3 price is good, i know its kinda expensive to the average gamer but its totally worth it

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Are_The_MaDNess3684d ago

cool Fracture
but dont we got the SC4 demo allready?

shadowghost7523684d ago

No the SC4 demo did not come out before release but after, the game was released, the US got the demo a few weeks ago

Are_The_MaDNess3684d ago

ok so thats where i have seen it lol

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The story is too old to be commented.