'BioShock' for iOS is Officially Dead

The white whale for a ton of our readers has been BioShock on iOS. Sure, it released back in 2014, but it disappeared from the App Store after only a few months due to incompatibilities with iOS 8.4 and later. And despite promises that it would be fixed, 2K never got around to fixing. And according

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xX1NORM1Xx2201d ago

After how they threw out the pc verson of the remaster this doesnt not surprise me at all

brich2332201d ago

There is a remaster for pc, I own it. It was actually a free upgrade added automatically to my steam account.

OoglyBoogly2201d ago

If you already owned them.

xX1NORM1Xx2201d ago

8 down votes? Does no one remember how bad the remaster was at launch I know it was a free upgrade but it didn't even work for some people on PC it took massive complaints before they released a patch because they said they weren't going to patch it

Mrveryodd2201d ago

Apple are the worst .... My iPod touch 4 Is useless thanks to no updates for the past 3 years .... I understand as things get older you can't support them forever , but this was dumped like a hot potato 2 years after I bought it ... .... Man I paid $299 for it .... It should be supported imo

OoglyBoogly2201d ago

Maybe if the iOS version wasn't complete garbage it would have done better.

FallenAngel19842200d ago

Bioshock is also dead on Vita