'BioShock' for iOS is Officially Dead

The white whale for a ton of our readers has been BioShock on iOS. Sure, it released back in 2014, but it disappeared from the App Store after only a few months due to incompatibilities with iOS 8.4 and later. And despite promises that it would be fixed, 2K never got around to fixing. And according

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xX1NORM1Xx2670d ago

After how they threw out the pc verson of the remaster this doesnt not surprise me at all

brich2332670d ago

There is a remaster for pc, I own it. It was actually a free upgrade added automatically to my steam account.

OoglyBoogly2670d ago

If you already owned them.

xX1NORM1Xx2669d ago

8 down votes? Does no one remember how bad the remaster was at launch I know it was a free upgrade but it didn't even work for some people on PC it took massive complaints before they released a patch because they said they weren't going to patch it

Mrveryodd2670d ago

Apple are the worst .... My iPod touch 4 Is useless thanks to no updates for the past 3 years .... I understand as things get older you can't support them forever , but this was dumped like a hot potato 2 years after I bought it ... .... Man I paid $299 for it .... It should be supported imo

OoglyBoogly2670d ago

Maybe if the iOS version wasn't complete garbage it would have done better.


Take-Two Mandate on Microtransactions: Over-Deliver on Content and the Monetization Will Follow

Take-Two Interactive states their edict on microtransactions has been to over-deliver on content, and the monetization will follow.

lucasnooker3h ago

Warning. Boatloads of micro transactions coming for GTA VI

porkChop2h ago

To be fair, while GTA Online is monetized heavily both GTA Online and GTA V offer a massive amount of content without paying anything extra. Though I do think GTA Online's optional subscription is bullshit.

neutralgamer19922h ago

Can you please focus on delivering enough quality content to justify the $70 asking price? While I appreciate the idea of over-delivering, it's essential to ensure that the base content itself is worth it. I have concerns that GTA6 might have less single-player content because most of the focus seems to be shifting towards online play and microtransactions.

It's understandable why publishers are capitalizing on microtransactions when they generate billions with relatively little effort compared to traditional content creation. We, as consumers, are partly responsible for this trend. I've seen people spend on FIFA cards as if it's a normal part of the game. Previously, features like player cards and big head mode were earned through gameplay or cheat codes, but now gamers are willing to pay for them, so publishers have no reason not to monetize these features.

It's astonishing that the gaming industry is now more profitable than any other entertainment sector. Yet, despite record-high profits, the industry continues to see increasing levels of greed. It's baffling to hear about record profits followed by significant layoffs of developers. This disconnect makes no sense.

I know it’s unlikely given the size of the industry, but it might take a significant downturn for things to reset. Currently, there are too many decision-makers who lack a genuine understanding of gaming, focusing only on financial spreadsheets. A prime example is Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA.

RhinoGamer882h ago

It must be a nightmare working at Rockstar in a Production role...dealing with the team egos and those of the V suite. #soulcrush

-Foxtrot1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

The thing is doesn't that just give studios the excuse of filling their games with content that’s just going bloat it rather than contribute towards the main story.

Ubisoft games for example with all the markers where 90% of it is just padding or useless crap.

Or maybe they design the game in a way that makes it feel longer but it’s because they’ve created it in a way where you are spending most of your time backtracking with spaced out unlocks that help your reach new areas or even having to do a bunch of platforming / parkour to get around. Jedi Survivor was the first game recently that’s made me think “ we didn’t need all this, it should have been more linear”.

It gets tiring


Crossplay Will Be In College Football 25 But Not In Online Dynasty Mode

EA Sports dropped their first gameplay trailer for College Football 25 today and the game looks truly amazing. Buried in the details of the game hype, however, is a significant letdown for those who play online dynasty (a significant portion of the userbase).

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