Sony confirms higher price point for PS3 in Ireland

Sony has confirmed to that the 60GB PlayStation 3 will retail for EUR 629.99 in Ireland - but said the price is still set at EUR 599 for the rest of Europe.

"Ireland is traditionally more expensive than other territories," the spokesperson explained.

"The VAT rate there is 21 per cent, whereas it can be as low as 16 per cent in other EU countries."

News of a higher EU price point emerged after reported that the higher price point had been revealed on the Irish version of the PS3 website.

The SCE spokesperson confirmed that the information is correct, but added, "This doesn't change the previously announced figures of EUR 499 and EUR 599 for the rest of Europe."

Further details of the European launch are expected to be announced within the next two weeks.

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achira5228d ago

what i said !!! lol, i can see in the future.

zonetrooper55227d ago

Wow that really sucks for the Irish people who want to buy the PS3.

AudioRage5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

i dont care, i wont be buying a ps3, interestingly thought, my 360 was bought for the same price as it was available elsewhere in the eu. Despite our taxes.. mmmm
o yeah im irish

UltimaFire5227d ago

Same old crap over here in Ireland as always. I had to pay extra for my 360 for some sort of manufacturers recycling fee or something. At least now they're telling us that it's actually the Vat Screwing us over.

Lovely stuff. Nice going Bertie...

AudioRage5227d ago

i didnt, the only price issues i encountered but didnt go along with, was stupid game and their "package-only" selling technique where you had to buy certain packages and not just what you actually wanted

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