Activision gives away free guitars

MCV: Publisher tells MCV of 'biggest ever pre-order incentive' for new Guitar Hero

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No FanS Land3685d ago

Ho sh*t!!! I'm preordering now! especially since it will be my first GH game.

butterfinger3685d ago

Every GH game to date has consumed my life for weeks/months on end. lol.

No FanS Land3685d ago

I have one hell of a problem though, I buy games and I don't even have the time to play them! so they pile up.

Sitdown3685d ago

I got that same problem...I still got games in the plastic wrap. I shop Target clearance a lot...and when I find sales, I jump on them.......eventually one day I will get around to them.

butterfinger3685d ago

I just got the RB2 drums, guitar, and bass. I'm going to get GHWT, but I won't be purchasing any of the peripherals unless they have a wireless mic. I will be picking up the cymbals for the RB2 drum kit, though:)

Soren the Cat3685d ago

Does this apply to American retailers? Like Gamestop? (I know they are bad but I have some lingering store credit with them.)

Timesplitter143685d ago

They should've said guitar CONTROLLERS because if not it sounds ridiculous

TheIneffableBob3685d ago

Too bad they're not real guitars.