Strategy Informer: Infinite Undiscovery Review

Strategy Informer writes: "For all the posturing of modern-day RPG storylines, the core of the experience is often made or broken by combat mechanics. That fine balance between tactical strategy and visual gratification needs to be compelling and deep enough to form the foundation of an experience that lasts for 40+ hours, whilst simultaneously streamlined to make concentration necessary but not intrinsic. No-one wants the mental exertion of a Ninja Gaiden contained within such sedate pacing, and yet most would happily switch up a gear and down a tactical level from the likes of Final Fantasy tactics and Disgaea. Tough crowd.

Infinite Undiscovery it turns out, sits in neither camp – offering a strange hybrid between action-RPG and traditional mechanics, performing neither duty particularly well. Strategic combat decisions are often reduced to mashing through one of a few combo attacks on the light and heavy strike buttons, or holding for a special move whilst your party bombards magical abilities on a chosen target or group. The pace is frenetic and bouts are swift, nullifying the myriad support mechanics and extended combat systems available."

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