Today In Japan, Hundreds Of People Lined Up For....PlayStation VR

Kotaku: Wait, what? Isn’t PSVR already out in Japan? You bet it is. And yet, this morning, there were long lines at retailers across the country.

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Neonridr2726d ago

nice to see the Japanese lining up for the Switch and PSVR. Braving the elements..

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Babadook72725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Fuk ya! This is so cool! Biohazard 7 is showing the potential of psvr.

UnR34L_DEAF2725d ago

You can say that because I just passed RE7 on PSVR- I love it! Amazing storyline to fall in

G20WLY2725d ago

^@sdcard - you not liking the looks of Ace Combat 7? The new DiRT game? You can only play either of those in VR with PSVR. There are some great games you can play on all the big three VR units too.

DEEBO2726d ago

Not dead just hater journalist and fanboys hoping it died.
RE7 affect,4k is nice but VR is just better and when you play RE7 in VR it's kind of hard to go back to regular flat screen televisions.

Neonridr2726d ago

I think the problem is aside from RE7, when is the next major release planned? For those who don't enjoy horror, what do they do with their VR headsets?

I own the game, so I am super eager to try it out in VR tonight. Although I do own the Pro and would love to see what the game looks like in 4K with HDR. Sucks because I have to unplug all the VR cables if I want to see what it looks like in normal mode since the PSVR box doesn't do HDR passthrough *sigh*

DashArrivals2726d ago

Dude, It's just a few months old. A new launch of a new tech. Give it time and stop trying to treat it just like a normal console. Wait for E3.

HEY. In regards to you having to 'unplug' you cables to get HDR. JUST DO THIS. Buy a cheap $15 4k HDMI UHD 60fps switch (not a splitter)... it will bypass automatically the breaker box for the PSVR and will let you get HDR.

I bought it before my pre-order for the PSVR. It works fine. I've never once had to unplug cables. I know we shouldn't have to, but we do. In fact I'm convinced that this is the reason why PSVR has had trouble in manufacturing and why it's not available in many many places until much later. They stuffed up and I'm certain that when the new batch of PSVR are available, then you'll be able to run HDR through the PSVR breaker box. They may even be working on a cheap switch themselves for the existing PSVR owners. This is all speculation. But still...

The switch I mentioned is cheap and easy to install. Here is a simple diagram.


Neonridr2726d ago

@Dash - oh don't get me wrong, I know it's still early. I look forward to seeing what sorts of games are on the horizon at E3.

Thanks for the advice about the switch. I will definitely have a look for one. That is a great idea, and saves me from having to unplug everything.

I would love if Sony fixed that issue with the processing box and upgraded everyone's to have HDR passthrough.

that being said, I will look into your alternative in the meantime. Thanks for that.

DEEBO2726d ago

Two HDMI cables from the t.v.,that's what I'm doing.
I got the pro,HDR/4k t.v. but it's just ok compared to being in the game.
Now I wish every game has a VR option.
Try to explain it but you really have to try it you're self.

pabsis2725d ago

1st world problems i guess

Neonridr2725d ago

@pabsis - lol, you're telling me.

Petebloodyonion2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

@ Dash
1) Tks for the tips! greatly appreciated.
2) Sony themselves mentioned that they would treat the PSVR like a console.
But the problem lies with Sony being tight lips on upcoming games thus worrying some.

Do you think it's normal, that a company like Sony, who love to brag about upcoming PS4 exclusive, shown us recently tons of great new games like the Uncharted4 DLC, Last of us 2, etc..
Had 0 (yes a big fat 0) major title to announce for the PSVR?
That all upcoming games are TBA?
That they already canceled upcoming DLC for their main game Rigs?

dp2774072725d ago

just wanna say thanks , did not know I could do this.

wheatley2725d ago

@Neonridr In my opinion, I think devs were waiting for the reception of RE7 on VR to see if it was worthwhile for another triple A first person game to get to grips with including VR in development. I would say stay tuned for E3 but that seems too long a wait for the next big release for VR..

_-EDMIX-_2725d ago

They're still companies that are probably yet to announce their involvement with PlayStation VR if not likely looking at the reception of Resident Evil 7 in correlation to its VR feature.

Also don't worry about how many people are jumping on Playstation VR right now this is simply the start of the are for really all of the gaming.

Give it time for developers to find what works and what doesn't for the mainstream that isn't going to happen overnight so I don't really see what the desperate rushes in regards to judgment.

yeahright22725d ago

Next big one off the top of my head I'd guess is farpoint here in a couple months. But they'll have plenty of smaller ones between then and now.

yeahright22725d ago

@dash, you just made my day.

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Mr_cheese2725d ago

I really do get worried with the "gamers" sometimes. Because the world has become so fast paced and technology i.e phones and apps are turned around months apart, it feels like people expect this in every area which shines an unnecessary and mostly unwarranted negativity over things such as NEONRIDR comments.

Tech needs time to grow and games need time to be developed. We are on the cusp of something great and there is a lot of support behind it. The rhythm will come but people need to learn to be patient rather than expect instant gratification all the time.

rant over :D

Neonridr2725d ago

my comments are completely justified and level headed. I am not putting down PSVR in any way. I own the darned thing, so I am allowed to have an opinion about it. This device is not something people purchased so it could sit on their shelves for 6-8 months while we wait for some games. Why didn't Sony just delay the release until this year when the library could have been more established. Asking people to shell out $500+ for something and then ask them to wait a year so they can get some content out is a pretty ridiculous thing to ask.

Erik73572725d ago

Then in my opinion, it shouldn't of been released until it did have something great.

kenwonobi2725d ago

Now their overreactions to not having any news on PSVR looks kinda like a huge kneejerk. Understandable. These people kept trying to shoot down innovation and gaming before it even starts just in the name of brand affiliate. Oh well egg on their face again. Not the first or last time with the pro Xbox journalists and crowd.

JackBNimble2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

When you're an early adopter you should expect software to still be in development .
Even the ps4 or XO didn't release with a great library of games, nor has any other console ever. The psvr has been on the market for only 4 months now, give developers some time to finish some games already.

_-EDMIX-_2725d ago

@neo- except no one really cares about your fake concern it just sounds way to fabricated and Desperate this thing is only a couple months old lol

No one's really forcing you to do anything with the device right now you could have simply waited until a respectable library was built.

Why would Sony delay the device until more software was created when the creation of that software might have simply been to make money off of an existing install base?

Sony cannot force developers to work on this platform so for all you know they released it when they did simply because they knew they needed to have units sold for developers to continue to create to see an incentive to make money.

This is not a new platform.

It is a New Concept in general and clearly needs time for the market to adapt.

So I don't really see it as a good idea for Sony to hold back Hardware to wait till software is developed for an install base of zero because I'm not sure who's going to be excited to create software for something that has no install base that exists.

That is entirely new to the market by the way....

That sounds stupid and you sound like you don't really know what you're talking about

gbsrnctaln2725d ago


Thats the price you pay of being an early adopter of new tech.

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kenwonobi2725d ago

Yeah they kept begging and begging for news. As if a lack of news meant anything. What a bunch of idiot fanboys. The journalists are the worst.

DEEBO2725d ago

If the world all thought like that humanity would never advance.

Because it's PlayStation is why all the negative articles.
I use to be a fanboy but now I feel like it's a waste of time.
I will be buying the switch in two months because I'm a gamer.

Grow up gamers,we are better then this.

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Dragonscale2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Its not just Japan though. PSVR is far from dead, just out of stock.