Sony Europe dismisses Stringer's suggestions of April launch

A SCEE spokesperson has told that PlayStation 3 is still on track to launch in Europe in March, despite suggestions from Sony CEO Howard Stringer that it will be here in April.

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calderra5433d ago

Last I heard, it was launching worldwide in Spring 2006. Oh, snap.

Anyway- I don't think I've seen a single prediction from this guy EVER be true. Are they feeding him bad info on purpose, or is his office that messed up?

Anerythristic265433d ago

Why can't they get on the same page ? A Sony exec. makes a statement , then another sector of corporate says " No, our Exec. was incorrect."

shotty5433d ago

Why can't they launch in March, it totally possible, wouldn't be surprised if it moved up to february. But sony exec have poor communication with each other, they always go against each other. You dont see peter moore go agianst J allard or any other ms exec.

OC_MurphysLaw5433d ago

This has been and will continue to be their biggest weakness. Sony has a great product and can't argue that. But the communication from the top of this company is anything but clear. Furthermore it seems like Sony Japan doesn't really communicate to the other divisions the full truth of what is going on. I still think back to the worldwide launch and how the Sony Europe boss was pretty much in the dark about the Europe delay up until the last minute. If they just could get their act together at the top it would impact things for them in a very positive way.

nice_cuppa5433d ago

its not like they dont have loads of ps3's lying around.

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The story is too old to be commented.