Confirmed: PC Mirror's Edge slips

EA has announced that the much-hyped free-running FPS Mirror's Edge will launch on November 11th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with the PC version shipping "later in the winter". That of course means that it might not make 2008. Sad times for PC gamers.

The publisher also confirmed that a demo would be available prior to release on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, allowing gamers to trial a segment of the single player mode. Starting September 26th, gamers who pre-order the game at selected retailers will also get an exclusive code that unlocks a Time Trial mode in the demo.

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Rick Astley3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I'll go with the PS3 version. Lead platform + exclusive DLC for me thanks.

SullyDrake3685d ago

PS3 version day-one for me too.

JsonHenry3685d ago

As a PC gamer first and foremost - I can honestly say that I don't care one rip about this game.

But as a PS3/Xbox360 owner I can say that I will RENT it and give it a try. But I am not really expecting too much from this game. Been burnt a lot lately with over-hyped games not delivering.

dkgshiz3685d ago

They get games so late. Either way I wont be buying this. I would if its free roaming. But, no. Its not. You probably could beat this in 3 hours. I never buy games that are that short. Maybe I will buy it if it has online.

PopEmUp3685d ago

be pirate soon anyway so why worries

Panthers3685d ago

They are probably thinking about the security issues. I think the best thing to do is just forget PC all together.

fourteentoone3685d ago

EA have released Crysis and Crysis Warhead on Steam this week. It's possible that this may be a future platform for them. With 16 million accounts and a platform that is pretty tricky to pirate, it's a good platform for developers.

Crysis and Crysis Warhead have already zoomed to the top sellers on Steam. Retail boxes for PC games are outdated and should be scrapped from all stores. Digital distribution is the way forward, and I hope EA continue the trend. I'm not a fan of EA, but I was DELIGHTED to see that they released Crysis on Steam.

So Mirror's Edge may have slipped, but us PC gamers are getting used to getting games later than usual - albeit in an enhanced format.

omni_atlas3685d ago

they are releasing on ps3/xbox to combat the piracy nothing else. Though last I checked there are a couple thousand xbox torrents lying around in the net tubes...

rushbd3685d ago

the best bet is releasing your game on console only. specifically PS3. devs should realize that PS3 hasnt been yet hacked.

snp3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Poor way to stop piracy. There's overlap between pc and consoles (owners). It's unlikely the console market will buy it a second time on pc (and there's only so many hardcore gamers).. Get it out late and folk - especially those who have already bought it on console, but are curious enough to want to take a look at the pc version - are probably 'more' likely to torrent it where they might otherwise have opted for the pc version.

Best way i think to eliminate some piracy would be selling two-for-ones. Release pc/360/ps3 versions, but also release for a small premium (say $10-15) 'dual' ps3/pc 360/pc versions. Include a download coupon for the pc version, if need be. I have no doubt a large number of the CoD4 pirates, for example, also feature in the 10 million legal console owners of the game. You can't expect owners to pay $40-60 for a second systems copy, but you might find a number of them (particularly if it avoids torrent virus corrupt files etc issues) will pay enough extra to make it worth it.)

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free2game3685d ago

I don't really understand how the PC version of all could be delayed. DICE being a historically PC developer, it being a more cheap and easy to develop for platform and all. Maybe Sony or Microsoft payed to have it delayed so they could hope to push more consoles for European markets.

mfwahwah3685d ago

Too much conspiracy theory. Truth? They need time to figure out how to stop piracy without getting the Spore Effect.

titntin3685d ago

See!!! Thats what happens when you make a system thats difficult to develop for and and a 'cell' which no one can program!!!

No - wait a minute.... :) :)

<sarcasm mode off>

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