A Borderlands Game Could Come To Nintendo Switch, But Don't Count On It

Gearbox CEO clarifies his comments about a Switch version and more.

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chrisx1365d ago

"Don't count on it" is now an expected phrase when it comes to 3rd party on nintendo

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wonderfulmonkeyman1365d ago

If it does, I hope its the latest one. It's not like it uses graphical styles the Switch can't handle, and as much as I love the original for its combat and the second for its comedy, I don't think a compilation of past titles would sell, when many Nintendo gamers have already played the older games on their other brand systems.

rawshack1364d ago

Sounds like it will be years away if there is any borderlands .and that's only if the console sells a lot

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gamer78041364d ago

current borderlands came out a loooong time ago, so technically could come out for the switch, but gearbox already said it probably won't. Needless to say any new borderlands game wouldn't release on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.