Retail expects huge demand for Xbox 360 following price cut

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz on the eve of the price cuts, GAME, HMV, Woolworths and independent stores have all agreed that the system now appeals to a much wider range of consumers.

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HighDefinition5554d ago

If it sustains is another issue in it`s self.

GameOn5554d ago

but for its price the 360 has a lot to offer. Great deal for any one willing to pick it up.

Montrealien5554d ago (Edited 5554d ago )

The only thing that will be sustained imho with this new 360 price, is a healthy competitive market. We all win. Unless off course, you want one consoles to rule them all, and if so, well, you`re in the wrong comments zone.

mikeslemonade5554d ago

Come this fall PS3, PSP, PS2, 360, Wii, and DS will all be in demand. This is why dropping price is useless because chances are PS3, 360, and Wii will all be sold out at one point in this fall. Microsoft could have sold just as many systems without the price drop and then wait until the spring to drop the price.

beans5554d ago

Well Mike you do make a good point but this price drop might just be what MS needs to finally put a dent into Nintendos progress. Everybody and there mama put the word out on how good a deal the wii was at it's launch and if gamers would do the same for 360 this holiday things could take a turn in the hardcores favor.

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AllseeingEye5554d ago

sounds like a good deal but why would anyone want this gimped system? No hard drive is terrible. No xbox live game downloads. You cant play Burnout Paradise online. Good luck with those casuals but I think they have already made their choice.

etownone5554d ago

1. not everyone can afford the added expense of broadband every month.
2. there are many parents out there that dont want their kid playing online
3. NOt everyone gets internet due to where the live or game.

Understand? just because it may seem gimped to you, the REALITY is that the arcade is a great deal and comes with everything you need to start playing any 360 game out there.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5554d ago

Having a 360 without Live is boring.Its a system completely dependent on online.

beans5554d ago

It's only boring if you've played online and then don't have it. Thats the joy in this and why many arcade gamers will eventually upgrade. Also kids don't care about online and not every game is dependent on staying connected. I have three boys each with there own 360 and none of them complain about online or even care about it. Also I have a couple friends without it and they don't complain either.

Ju5554d ago (Edited 5553d ago )

Its a damn good deal. And it does not compete against the PS3, or even the 360Pro/Elite. That just is a different crowd.

People who would choose between a $129 PS2 ($149 with a bundle), a $249 Wii or a $199 360. Which one would you take ?

The 360 offers far more then the other two - given, you'd ignore the online component. But I can't remember my kids playing a lot online with the Wii, either. That was a well placed shot from MS.

BTW: I still think Sony should counter this with a PS2+ (said that before, and everybody will laugh at me). But a $149 PS2 which can play PS2 games, and new PS2 games with higher polycount/resolution would do. This is a minimal R&D effort, just pump the EE/GS to 500-750MHz, gives you about 3x the fillrate, 256MB (fits in one XDR chip) for bigger textures, and remove controller ports and memory card slot (less metal/plastic, saves manufacturing costs). Add a BlueTooth and Wifi (strip out the Ethernet), to combine these parts with the PS3 BoM, sell them with a DS3 and a standard USB 512MB Flash drive (keep the 2 USB ports). This thing would be very competitive on the <$149 market. And possible make a profit right from the start (well, and, sure dump the PS2). And if there still room on the cost side, just add a eSATA connector, to allow people to add an external HDD, in case it'll have full XMB/PSN support.

CrazzyMan5553d ago

PC and PS3...
i mean, a LOT.

Why do you think, people would spend additional money for one more system, since there are over 10 games atleast(~600 euro), which they would like to get this fall.

cheapndirty5553d ago (Edited 5553d ago )

How can you say that? I have an arcade and a Pro model.

I can play ALL 360 games that do not require DLC(and that is 99.9% of all 360 games out),and this is with out a HDD. Burnout Paradise? I do not even own that title. I can download XBL arcade games to the memory card (full games) since most of them are 50mb. The memory card is 256mb.

SUre it only came with composite cables, but it is HDMI ready. Most people still have standard def tv's. And if this is for the kiddies they for sure have a standard def TV.

Have an opinion but at least qualify it with some actual facts.

beans5553d ago

What are you talking about? There are alot of 360 games coming this year also as well as arcade and services not found on the PS3.
Heck the 360 actually has more games coming if you do a little research. Just because you think PS3 is a really good deal doesn't mean anyone else does I mean why spend that much money when you could pay way less for more and in many cases just as good looking and even better looking games.

Immaculate5553d ago

You guys are in full on panic mode. The 360 is at a price now that most anyone could buy one,oh but no not you, you would rather limit yourself to the ps3's meager game library. It's silly. Go buy a 360 today, and see how nit picky, petty, and foolish you have been.

Ju, Montralien, and Kinetixx, you guys are excluded from this comment. I wouldn't classify you guys as fanboys. You guys might be ps3 fans, but you are obviously more gamer than anything.

pwnsause5553d ago (Edited 5553d ago )

when you mean panic mode, do you mean like how Microsoft made price cuts twice in 6 months in Europe and in Japan? I mean i know they wouldnt cut the price here in the US until the holidays since this is its home country, but if theres anyone who is in panic mode right now its Microsoft. if anything they should of packed a few games on the arcade to give it more value.

clinker5553d ago

I bought an Xbox 360 Arcade for $279 and I love it! The reasons why I got the "gimped" version instead of a PS3 were price, availability of games I wanted (GTA IV, Fable II, Fallout 3), and a VGA connector cable for my computer monitor.

I am OK with buying a hard drive and Xbox live subscription later on, if I decide to get into multiplayer. But for a busy person with a desire to try out some newer console games, the 360 is just awesome. At $200, heck, I am telling my retired dad to go buy one!

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pp5554d ago

It's just the beginning of the end of ps3 Hahahhahahha

OmarJA5554d ago

Enjoy ur cheap product pee pee

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5554d ago


He cant enjoy it.Its still in the repair shop

cahill5554d ago

In europe and Japan x360 died ages ago.
price cut wont have any impact since no one wants one

PS3 has a 2m console lead in each of Japan and europe(in europe it is 2.5m i guess. would be 5m by the end of this year)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5554d ago

'Retail expects huge demand for Xbox 360 following price cut'
Well it is getting Cold in Europe!!! ;-D
Ooooops!!! xBox 360 News bit...Bye Bye my lovely Bubbles...

theKiller5553d ago

just look at his avatar!!

and this is the case with most bots

on topic

we will see what will the price cut do! price cut doesnt save the dieing consoles

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Stryfeno25554d ago

If I didn't own one, I would buy one....I hope everyone get on this. The Xbox 360 is a beast.

KBDuB5553d ago

"360 is a terrible console." Yet, it rivals the PS3.
"360 is a terrible console." Yet, the games look remotely similar, or better on the 360.
"360 is a terrible console." Yet, it has the best online service.
"360 is a terrible console." Yet, it has some, and most, of the best rated games available.

You really should watch what you say, bro. =)