Bug in Burnout Paradise Bikes

This free patch is great, but it's not bug free, as this video shows. It's actually quite funny.

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Vip3r5554d ago

I managed to get stuck between a van and a wall today. It's great that we're getting all this for free but I think there's still some more bug testing to be done.

Rick Astley5554d ago

I haven't run into any bugs yet and I've been playing for 4 hours straight.

Ryangp5554d ago

Nearly done :D i haven't played burnout in ages

SullyDrake5554d ago

That bike is really taking it. Good girl.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5554d ago

The PS3 version always run smoothly because of the dedicated game developers at Criterion unlike the newbies at Bungie who make overhyped buggy flops.

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Burnout Paradise Getting One Last Hoorah on PS3

Even though Criterion may be done making content for Burnout Paradise, the company still wants to give the game one more big push.

PlayStation 3 owners can currently get the full game, along with all DLC, for just $30. This includes Big Surf Island, Party Pack, Legendary Cars, Toy Cars, Boost Specials, Cops and Robbers and all other cars and motorcycles from the game. At full price, this would cost over $100.

For people who already own the game, you can pick up all of the content for just $20.

Currently, this deal is only for PS3 owners and is good until March 31.

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CernaML5037d ago

Wow. Playstation really is Criterion's favorite system. Cannot wait for their next game.

Syronicus5037d ago

This game is pure unadulterated fun and should be played by all. If you can sport the cash, get it, it is a blast and you won't regret it.

Blaster_Master5037d ago

Ive bought this game new 2 times and download once. Its not a bad game, and the driving is excellent. Customization, cokpit view, good story and setting and this game could have even out done midnight club LA. They put the game out too soon, but they ended up reaping the rewards for being one of the better racers out with online for the ps3 at the time. Good for Criterion. I know the new NFS is gonna be fine in their hands.

ThanatosDMC5037d ago

Hmmm... good thing i waited this long. Damn, i got so many games to play and so little time.

TheDudeAbides5037d ago

is there >non-platinum< PS3 edition with all DLC?

Megaton5037d ago

I talked so many of my friends into getting this game back in the day. We'd spend hours and hours online. One of my favorite games this gen.

FamilyGuy5037d ago

but most people who stopped playing this aren't going back, especially to the online. All I want from this pack is the two player mode/split screen that was $10 by itself, has that seen a price reduction?

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Disccordia5037d ago

You can buy the ultimate box in game for £9.99 new.

iBoReD5037d ago

the ultimate box; does that include every bit of dlc?

Adolph Fitler5037d ago

I really wish they would take this series back to it's linear routes. I'm not for open world Burnout. I would love to see both Burnout and SSX new versions that harked back to there humble beginnings. SSX1 & Tricky had the best track designs of any racing/extreme sport game to date, they were awesome, yet EA have turned both there own original IP (in SSX) and Criterions game into open world type affairs.

Let the next need 4 speed go for open world structure, and after you finish that Criterion, bring me back the Burnout of the 1st 3 games.

Jdoki5037d ago

I'd like to see the best of both worlds! Some Grand Prix / proper circuits / linear type of events, AND the sandbox city.

I'd also love to be able to tweak settings so that I could dial the game back to the older versions - before Traffic Checking etc were introduced and the game was far less forgiving! :)

And a proper Crash Mode.

The Great Melon5037d ago

I never really cared for the old burnout games because they were linear. Burnout Paradise pulled me in because of the lack of constraints.