Making Ghost Recon: Wildlands an open world game was an obvious choice - Critical Hit

Besides getting hands on time with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Critical Hit also had the opportunity to talk its Creative Director, Eric Couzian.

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moonstormer657d ago

Been so hesitant about the game, but it's looking good!

GavinMannion656d ago

Why are so few people excited about this? I know the E3 showing wasn't great but it really looks like they've improved the offering

smolinsk656d ago

Because it's ubisoft, and they hasn't had the best track record of delivering on there promises, that's way. Looking forward to it very much, but not believing anything before I try it.

GavinMannion656d ago

yeah I get that... but the other article they have with the gameplay video just makes it look so awesome

Vegamyster656d ago

It'll either exceed expectations or be a let down, the new gameplay looks much better than the older footage so hopefully it turns out good.

GorillaTact656d ago

The Division probably has something to do with the caution folks have towards this game. I got burnt by getting over excited for The Division. I like what Ive been reading about Wildlands though. But this time I'm taking the cautious approach.