Turn Your PS3 Into A PVR/TiVo.

A blog has put up instructions on how you can turn the PS3 into PVR/TiVo. To achieve this transformation, you will require the use of a Plextor ConvertX DVR. Check out all the info ps3mods.

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nice_cuppa5433d ago

you could just plug your pc into your 360.

bada boom

shikwan5433d ago

It can't get any easier.

astroboy2k55433d ago

I think you guys miss read the article. It says Turn Your "PS3" Into A PVR/TiVo. If you have a PS3, it would be more expensive to go out and buy a 360 so that you can use it as a PVR.

But, if you allready have both systems then obviously the 360 way is easier.

Juevani5433d ago

what cant you do with a PS3? sony 4 ever

scriptkiddie5433d ago

what cant you do with a PS3?

play games..

Shadow Flare5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

"what cant you do with a PS3?

play games.."

(cough)...oh god lol, that's weak

You should be shot.

In the face area.

CyberSentinel5433d ago

juevani set himself up for that one.
what a mark.

Arkham5433d ago

PVR functionality has been suggested many times by Sony as a probability, first with the PS2 and even pre-launch. It's not a new idea, or a Microsoft idea, but I'm sure we'll something along those lines for the PS3 in the near future.

shotty5433d ago

If I recall sony also promised Netscape for the ps2 aswell.

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