IGN: God of War III: What We Want

IGN's Wishlist for God of War 3.

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beavis4play3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

they better not mess with this game by "forcing" multi-player into it. GOW3 is too imp. to ps gamers.
it might work; but, i don't really see how MP would fit into the game.

anybody have some thoughts how it might work?

hay3680d ago

Coop MP would kick ass. Split screen plox.

dro3680d ago

"fear not" god of war makers are one of the best game devs to date, if the add multi player im sure they will add it in a way that it wll be fun!! im just imagine how the graphics will look like,i still have memorys of god of war 2 (which is ma fav hack and slash game) remember the flying horse mission,if they could come up with something like that and made it look so good and play smooth on a ps2 just imagine what they are cooking up for the ps3, i see god of war 3 to be the best looking game in 2009, i just have a feeling it will look better than heavy rain.

Doppy3680d ago

To make GOD3 amazing here's what they need to do.

Keep the gameplay amazing, but add more bada$$ powers like each time you kill a god you get their power.

Make this the game for graphics wh0res. (1080p, 60fps, with Killzone 2 visual)

If they do co-op Hercules is a good choice, but if not Hercules use Nariko from Heavenly Sword (this will please a lot of fanboys just find out how to make her arrival natural)

Sitdown3680d ago

Oooooooo, that is an idea; have Nariko fight her way out of Hades to join the cast. With that said, I do not want coop....and that is mostly because I just do not see it contributing to the scale of the game...I started this journey alone, and that is the way to conclude it.............but with that said, I can easily see them pulling it in; especially since you sort of have allies.

DaTruth3680d ago

Could only be Hercules!!

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yoghurt3680d ago

but you know if they DONT include MP, then the crits would rip it to pieces!!!

Perjoss3680d ago

dont be silly, there are many games that are only single player and that does not stop them from getting rave reviews. On the other hand coop would be fantastic, but it would have to make sense, 2 Kratos running around would be dumb, that means they would have to introduce a good character for player 2, and possible even insert that character into the story somehow.

SullyDrake3680d ago

An FPS built on the Unreal Engine 3 with no multi-player was Game Of The Year. Go figure.

Coheno3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Except God of War uses it's own engine...

But pleeeeease no MP!!! Co-op would be waaay enough, both split screen and online, don't waste time on MP, people will always play FPS the most online...

SullyDrake3680d ago

It was an example of how BioShock was the perfect setup for MP but didn't have it. So I'm sure God Of War III can make due without it.

If it's 12-15 hours, and you play through on at least Normal-Very Hard, that right there is over 40 hours of gameplay. And it's a given that there will be Trophies and Challenge Of The Gods minigames.

Day-one purchase, keeping after 100% for the collection.

DJ3680d ago

So I'd imagine this title would get the same kind of flack. Expect to see Team Deathmatch and Capture the Hot Chick multiplayer modes in GOW3.

mfwahwah3680d ago

Do the reviews matter that much? No. The sales is what they care about, and this is God of War 3.

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xhi43680d ago

to the motherf***ing YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssss!

Woooo bring God of War onn baby!

Final_Rpg3680d ago

A coop addition could potentially work well if implemented correctly. I think it could add a vital element to push this game past its previous titles. Imagine slaying a God with your best friend next to you on the couch or even over the net.

juuken3680d ago

Shame we have to wait so long but for an epic game, I'm willing to wait.

KiddyBrownTurd3680d ago

typical droid

I hope this game doesn't suck now that Jaffe AND Balrog are off the team.

I'll wait for the reviews.

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