Press Start: It's time for shooters to return to real wars

It's about time Call of Duty and Battlefield return to the historical settings that made them popular and successful in the first place, Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee writes.

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kevnb901d ago

Maybe set in Syria? Or is that just a little too real?

joab777901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

They could add in strategic elements like what to do with a million refugees! Isn't WW1 a real war anyway? Yeah, they are never hyper realistic, at least not the well selling ones, but it did happen!

Timesplitter14901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

The WW1 depicted in BF1 might as well be considered a fictional war, though.... I'm ready to bet the real WW1 didn't look anything like this

And I'm not saying that's a bad thing, btw

901d ago
game4funz901d ago

There are thousands of wars and little skirmishes and battles that have taken place in history.
The majority are never ever mentioned or learned about even if they are super important in history.

I think its a great idea to explore all those unknown but important wars. A good way to educate people as long as they stick to primary resources...otherwise it could be educating people with false history.

nitus10901d ago

Yes, I can see it now the "Battle of Hastings" (1066) with the Norman invaders having automatic weapons. Better yet how about the "Battle of Agincourt" (1415) with the English using M4 carbines against the French using FAMAS rifles.

Also while we are at it why not explore the "magic" option and Dragons. Although maybe that is carrying things a bit too far. 😉

game4funz901d ago

Well as long as the story is accurate and it's fun... Im game

TheColbertinator901d ago

MGSV had its Africa segment and I really want to see more games explore the brutality and conflict in the African wars of the 70s to 80s

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