10 Worst PS4 Games You Probably Shouldn't Play

There are so many of the worst PS4 games that we could probably triple the length of this list and still have more to say.

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chrisx1497d ago

This is the textbook defination of Click Bait

melons1497d ago

pls look up the dictionary definition of definition

chrisx1497d ago

not looking, go drink som salts

Bahamut1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

pls look up and define the definition of dictionary definition of definition in a dictionary.

1496d ago
1496d ago
Pantz1496d ago

Should have been 10 pixel graphics games.

Fishy Fingers1496d ago

Every platform has its fair share of s***. No need to get your backs up.

Inzo1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Most of the games mentioned are multiplats and Life of a Black Tiger is a mobile game ported. Gees, the idiots that think they can pass for game journalists these days.

melons1496d ago

Still doesn't stop them from being bad, tho

100_SavAGe1496d ago

Then why label them as just ps4 games then? Hmm....

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