Crysis Warhead CPU & GPU benchmarks

PCGH made CPU, GPU, RAM and operating system benchmarks with Crysis Warhead. At high details the HD 4870 can beat the GTX 280.

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xfrgtr3777d ago

"At high details the Geforce GTX 280 is up ahead with the GTX 260 and the HD 4870 behind it. With a 9800 GTX+ or a HD 4850 Warhead is slipping down to the average framerate level. The game is slow on anything lower than a 8800 GT. At maximal details the Radeon HD 4870 is the winner, but even on this card Warhead is unplayable with those settings."

bednet3776d ago

How about that, another game from Crytek that even the fastest GPU on earth can't run at max settings for more that 22FPS.

The only reason I'll buy this game is because I have two 8800GTX in SLI and can probably get playable frame rates at Enthusist and because its dirt cheap...would not pay 60$ for this.