Peter Moore: My words on RROD were "twisted so that it looked like I didn't care"

Peter Moore has claimed that comments made him during the peak of the RROD 360 furure were twisted by the press.

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PirateThom3780d ago

He did say there was no problem with RRoD though...

deeznuts3779d ago

Didn't he say their failure rates were within industry norms?

thebudgetgamer3779d ago

and as the head of the biggest third party publisher that is not a good sign for gamers that own a ps3

Enigma_20993779d ago

You have no idea... if you EVER thought anyone'd get a fair shake from EA since his arrival there, stop taking those meds...

patlike3780d ago

what he specifically said, now. To be fair, he did have to take the fall for the entire RROD thing.

Rick Astley3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

"Y'know, things break." was his response to all them broken 360's.

The Lazy One3780d ago

I reed artikul gud...

"things break, but our job is to go fix it for you"

va_bank3780d ago

"I said, 'You know, things break', and then I was called Marie Antoinette – let them eat cake. But the context I was using wasn't flippant, the sentence was, 'things break, but our job is to go fix it for you'. So what I said was twisted to that it looked like I didn't care."

But who knows, it's his word against the reporter, they are both professional liars.

deeznuts3779d ago

I don't care how twisted it is, the fact he said "things break, it's our job to fix it for you" shows his indifference.

The fact of the matter is, things aren't supposed to break. His job was too fix the ones that do, but to take measures to make sure they don't in the first place.

Which, apparently, MS didn't do, according to that book and those leaks.

He should have said, "things aren't supposed to break, we failed our job. But now that they are, we are fixing them for you."

Who the fook is going to fix it after 3 years are up?

JUSTICEFORALL3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

sounds like hes full of crap, the dude is telling us what we want to hear. what we want to hear is "we screwed up" or something along those lines

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edhe3780d ago

If he'd had a modicum more tact the fanboi fallout would've been a fraction of what it was.

Drekken3780d ago

Is this new picture his glamour shot? lmao

Pain3780d ago

if its Not peter doing damage control its some other idiot..

dukadork3780d ago

"I'm pete moore, i'm a single old white male seeking young boys in seattle. if you're an xbot and would like to get a red ass of death, gimme a call!"

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3780d ago

...'I do CARE!!!...Oh well i'm off to 'EA' now BYE!!!' ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.