Braving Resident Evil VII using the PSVR

TeamVVV: "We are big fans of Resident Evil here at Team VVV and after some disappointing entries into the series, we were more than interested to play the seventh incarnation which promised to be returning to its survival horror roots."

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blady_man2070d ago

I do get a bit sick when playing it for long periods, but overall its a better way to play!!!

Dabigsiebowski2070d ago

I got sick tonight. Fun game tho.

blady_man2070d ago

Yeah well worth it, afterwards i played it a bit without vr and its not the same, i will finish the game in vr, im sure the more u use the system the more u get used to it and the less sick u get.
Its a good reason to buy a vr, its gives u an amazing perspective, and i almost crap my pants a couple of times lol

2070d ago
TankCrossing2070d ago

Is streaming/recording with a camera overlay a standard feature of PSVR?

2070d ago
DEEBO2070d ago

VR is the way to go,I did get sick with smooth camera but I went back to 45 degree angle and no problems after that.
Seeing the molded head splatter in vr never gets old.
Great job capcom.

Bebob2070d ago

Resi VR is the best thing i played in a verry long time! Its made for VR. 10\10

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