Why Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble Is More Innovative Than Anything PS4 Or Xbox One Has Done

ThisGenGaming says "Say goodbye to basic dull controller rumble, Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble has potential to be not only a great feature for the Switch, but an innovation that changes console gaming forever. It is a unique upgrade of a simple controller feature, but it opens the door for a more immersive gaming experience. It makes you wonder why this improvement was not made earlier by either Microsoft or Sony."

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Nyxus1462d ago

Considering Nintendo copied the share button for their own controller I'd say Sony had a good idea there.

Curious about HD rumble.

Bennibop1462d ago

Was about to say the exact same thing, Nintendo have just copied the share button so the statement is not true. And to be fair to Microsoft they put haptive triggers on x1 pad.

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jaymacx1462d ago

@texag2011 yea Impulse triggers on Xbox One i feel was the step up from regular rumble but now Nintendo has taken it a few steps farther.

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Segata1462d ago


NES had Power Glove and U Force. Genesis had Activator. N64 had 3rd party motion controls. Dreamcast had motion controls in the Fishing Rod.

badz1491461d ago

"More Innovative Than Anything PS4 Or Xbox One Has Done"

what? more innovative than shareplay? I don't think so.

kevnb1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Microsoft didn't even invent anything with the controller, they simply just copied scuf to make one with xbox branding. You can even get scuf controllers for last gen consoles that have the paddles.

CrimsonPheonix1461d ago

"Was about to say the exact same thing, Nintendo have just copied the share button so the statement is not true."

How does that make any sense in your head.

Mehmeh1461d ago


No one has mentioned the paddles but you

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1462d ago

And Sony copied more than that in the past. Share Button lol sure Sony had a button design to easily share screenshot and videos but Nintendo did screenshots on console first they just didn't have a button design to make more flexible.

Nyxus1462d ago

Your point? The share button was clearly copied from the PS4 controller, give credit where credit is due. Everyone copies good ideas from each other, and that's fine.

jukins1462d ago

Except one consoles share button does video streaming screenshots and share play whil3 one just does screenshots

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WeAreLegion1462d ago

Nintendo did screenshots first? The PS3 did screenshots, too.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1462d ago

I said first on console

Segata1462d ago

I think this is a case of Nintendo creating the idea and Sony polishing it. Wii U was able to take screenshots before PS4 was even released.

rdgneoz31462d ago

@Segata And the PS3 was able to take screenshots before the WiiU was released. It wasn't utilized as much in the beginning, but it was still there.
"Version 2.50 released on October 15, 2008 was the update in the 2.xx series that contained the largest number of new features or changes, among them were the support for official PS3 Bluetooth headset, in-game screenshots and Adobe Flash 9."

Brave_Losers_Unite1462d ago

PS2 had motion controls way before Wii did.

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rocketpanda1462d ago

Nintendo was first to do VR and it was a terrible health hazard. Then again with the N64 they made analogue controllers useful and popular and set a standard. Sony and MS then used that by making them dual.

Sometimes others do it better. There is no shame or getting defensive when someone else tries it and succeeds.

Maybe Nintendo can copy an actual online service that doesn't need a smartphone app for party chatting.

Utalkin2me1461d ago


It would only take you 10 seconds to search that, then you would realize you are completely wrong....SMH

Gr8saiyaman881461d ago

The man speaks truth and gets downvoted to oblivion. That's PS4G for you : p

one2thr1461d ago


Actually Sega, made the firat controller with an analogue stick.

"Sega 3D controller"

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-Foxtrot1462d ago

They didn't even keep a Gamecube styled design for the controller...they made it look more like something Microsoft would make.

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moegooner881462d ago

The share button is the most innovative feature I have seen this gen. Its implementation in PS4 is very convenient as well.

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joab7771462d ago

And it shares pics and....

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Ol_G1462d ago

So after all the improvements to actual gameplay Nintendo brought and the others copied you guys bring up the share button as a counter argument.... don't you guys realize how weak that is

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Goldby1462d ago

author goes on to state that HD rumble will allow us to feel like a cup of ice is having water added...

Sorry you cant just add mass to a product out of thin air.

also states that sales for PSVR is poor.. except its sold out everywhere and they are trying to produce enough units to meet sales and fix the issue with the RGB screen

wonderfulmonkeyman1462d ago

" except its sold out everywhere"
Funny how when it's Switch the demand is fake, but when it's anything Sony, no matter how gimmicky, it's suddenly a case of "sold out". smh

Goldby1462d ago

switch is sold out too, but in the past they have artificially created those situations by reducing stock. Sony came forward and said its due to manufacturing issues with the screen.

Christopher1462d ago

Eh, I get what you're saying, but one is actually on the market and almost entirely sold out, the other is just in pre-orders and not even on the market yet. Not a great comparison, but I do get what you are saying.

Personally, no interest in either.

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rainslacker1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Nintendo has a pretty bad habit of playing this "sold out" game. Wii was about the only thing that truly went to really short supply due to unexpected demand.

But the PSVR did have real supply issues, and was sold out due to that.

Either way, the whole sold out pre-order thing is usually just a marketing thing, or done due to under allocation of what units will actually be avialable. PSVR was something different, but every other console I can think of was always an allocation thing. I mean, the WiiU was sold out before launch, the X1 was "sold out" before launch. I recall PS2 was sold out back in the day, despite being able pretty easy to find after the first week. And the list goes on.

UnHoly_One1461d ago

So Nintendo is intentionally reducing stock on an item that isn't even available yet, and they must be lying when they say it is selling well.

But Sony tells you that they are having manufacturing problems, and they can't possibly be lying, it must be true.

Seems legit.

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gangsta_red1462d ago

"Sony came forward and said its due to manufacturing issues with the screen."

I actually never seen Sony come forward with this information, they have admitted drifting issues, don't know if that is the same as the RGB manufacturing issues.

And then you have this quote from Gaz himself...

"We wanted to make sure we weren't going to upload or frontload a lot of inventory at retail, because then you're going to get this reaction from retail saying well it's not selling through," Kaz continued.

This also sounds like Sony was intentionally limiting stock of the PSVR and also creating false demand.

Goldby1462d ago

production of OLED screens is slowing down units being shipped

Gazondaily1462d ago

What a crap source there Goldby.

Dasteru1462d ago


Just because they are not a gaming site and/or you have personally never heard of them? How incredibly ignorant. VR wasn't even originally developed for gaming. Given what this company specializes in, they are technically a better source than N4G would be.

ecchiless1462d ago


Well is septic, nothing new with him.

rainslacker1462d ago

Maybe some better sources for you Septic. Despite your journalistic endevours, I know that such research is hard for gaming journalists.

Not all of the above are about PSVR, but there is a worldwide OLED display shortage. Two are sourced by research firms which know how to get this information.

Hope that's enough to clear up why people are saying that it's a parts sourcing issue. The shortage is also the reason why the one firm downgraded PSVR from 2.6 million sold, to 750K sold.

The reality of the situation is is that all VR units are facing this issue. Phones, VR, TV's, and any display that uses the tech is facing these problems. It's not isolated to Sony. The fact that there are some smart people out there, is why 2 and 2 was put together and attributed to the supply shortage.

Hope that 2 minutes of google research, and another couple of minutes spent verifying the sources were worth citing helps out. Just because Sony isn't speaking about it, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Sony's spun it into a marketing thing to say that demand is much higher than they expected, but why would Sony make it impossible to find for months on end? Typically with these "sold out everywhere" type reports, the supply is limited, not non-existent.

Maybe I should be a gaming journalist. Means I'd have to spend less time doing research, and could ignore things that don't serve my personal bias so I can ramble on about it at length with authority and with no real effort to try and be informed or assert any form of critical thinking or analysis.

Gazondaily1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )


"Maybe some better sources for you Septic. Despite your journalistic endevours, I know that such research is hard for gaming journalists. "

Your thinly veiled insult aside, your intellectual endeavours let you down:

Where in ANY of those articles have SONY come out and mentioned those shortages. Not OTHER sources but SONY. You know like how GANGSTARED is asking?

Let me know if you're still struggling to understand. I'll help explain it as youre clearly struggling to understand a very basic question.

Edit- because you're struggling so much, to make it clear. Please show evidence of this:

"Sony came forward and said its due to manufacturing issues with the screen."

Happy to help 😊

"Maybe I should be a gaming journalist."

Learn to read first.

Supafly1462d ago

I'm not a big fan of Septic, the guy is cocky and all but I have to agree with him here. Goldby your link doesn't say much and Going by the quote from Kaz above. It's plausible that Sony actually created artificial/false demand by limiting shipments.

xDealtwithIt1461d ago

That is the go to link to protect Sony and their interest.

It's strange that people have to dig deep, link other sources, put two and two together (lol) and yet can't simply find a credible sourse from an actual gaming site like IGN, Gameinformer, Kotaku or you know any other big site that would have reported on this.

But instead we have obscure tech analysts sites and vague mentions and all of a sudden its "Sony is sold out because there's manufacturing problems!!".

But hey anything to not make it look like Sony is doing anything wrong, nope, but Nintendo oh yea, they totally undershipped consoles for false demand.

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gangsta_red1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Yea, I keep seeing that link...but you said,

"Sony came forward and said its due to manufacturing issues with the screen."

Sony never came forward from what I have seen so far. That article is not Sony saying this, it's the author, (an independent analyst company) do we have an official statement from Sony where they are saying that the reason is due to manufacturing?

And if that is true why didn't Kaz just say this in the article I linked? Instead he alludes to the fact that they purposely under shipped PSVR units to retailers.

I do agree with Monkeyman though, why when Nintendo is sold out it's fake but the excuses come out when Sony is sold out of something?

christocolus1462d ago

I think you make a valid point there. I don't know why people are disagreeing with you.

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Moonman1462d ago

For Metroid's different weapons......I'm daydreaming. lol

gangsta_red1462d ago

Honestly I daydreamed and thought about the endless possibilities of the second screen for WiiU and well...we all know how that turned out.

Nintendo is good at introducing new and exciting things for gaming but they seem to squander those things to party games and then just faze them out.

wonderfulmonkeyman1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

The guy behind Senran Kagura says he wants to use this to emulate the feeling of soft touch.
That's so audacious and funny that I might support his first Switch entry, just to see if he can actually succeed.XD
In fact, in these modern times, where games like his are attacked by the leftists as sexist propaganda, I think that him going even deeper down that rabbit hole is kinda brave of him.XD

CocoaBrother1462d ago

I feel like HD Rumble is something you need to experience first-hand, like VR; since watching others use it doesn't justify its purpose.
For me, when I hear about it, I do not fully understand it completely; however, trying it out may answer my questions and concerns and luckily, I was invited to attend a private Switch event next month so I will be able to come to a conclusion on how HD Rumble feels/works.

devilisdue1461d ago

thats what everyone who has tried the hd rumble has said. the ice cube video nintendo showed to try and get people to understand the hd rumble. they all say the rumble actually is as good as they try to make it out to be. but the video just throws people off on trying to understand how it works. they all say its something you have to try for yourself to understand how great it actually is.