Project Scorpio Exclusives, Should Microsoft Reconsider Their Decision Not To Do Them?

ThisGenGaming says "Before I get started I’m well aware of the fact that Microsoft has already stated that there will be no exclusive titles for the Scorpio, and there are several good reasons for this. Since the Scorpio is considered part of the Xbox One product line, it has to basically do everything the Xbox One does just better, faster, and prettier but still be a be a Xbox One at it’s core. Also since it’s not considered a new generation of console, all the accessories have to work as well."

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chrisx1461d ago

if ms does this it would be a big mistake in a gen full of mistakes for them

Moonman1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

There are going to be Scorpio exclusives. Had M$ said otherwise the Xbox One S would have flopped.

GorillaTact1461d ago

There with absolutely be games that take advantage of what the Scorpio has under the hood, and thats including exclusives. I dont really see how this isnt blatantly obvious to everyone.

Kingthrash3601461d ago

So you ok with them lying then?
I mean they lied about "true 4k" so I guess you could be right.

poppinslops1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Microsoft's 1st party studios will continue to support the XO - at least until the announcement of 'Project Aquarius', or whatever Scorpio's successor is called... with regards to 3rd party Scorpio exclusives, Phil Spencer said it's a decision they're leaving to developers, though Star Citizen is probably the only upcoming title that wouldn't run on a 'vanilla' XO.

[email protected]&medman: What lies? Spencer's statements with regards to Scorpio exclusives were made months ago - 1st party studios will continue to support the XO, whereas 3rd party devs will continue doing whatever they want... is there something wrong with that, or did you assume that 'no one gets left behind' meant always and forever? Either way, it's irrelevant - other than VR games, there aren't really any upcoming titles (aside from the aforementioned Star Citizen) that would require Scorpio's horsepower to run and even if there were, noone's going to port them until the install base is high enough to warrant the cost.

medman1461d ago

@moonman're basically saying they're flat out lying to consumers....and you're ok with that? Yikes.

TheCommentator1461d ago

Kingthrash, MS didn't lie about native 4k on Scorpio. It's impossible to take the information from the white paper and determine that. You're making assumptions. Even the author of the article about the white paper speculates that HW accelerated, tile-based rasterization could make enough of a difference to get to 4k on 900p games. MS allowing checkerboarding doesn't prove your point either because there could be multiple settings, for example: A 4k native setting and a 1440p checkerboard setting with better IQ. Even Pro versions of current games are seeing multiple settings so why would Scorpio be any different?

GorillaTact1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )


: ) Is that the argument you are using on the middle school playground? What is it like being the only person on the planet that believes the extra power of the PS Pro and Xbox Scorpio wont be taken advantage of? Grow up kid lol

Aenea1460d ago


There won't be a thing as 1440p checkerboard (or sparse) rendering, it's not an upscaler (or if you want to call it that, not your typical upscaler), you target a resolution with it and it renders half the pixels of that resolution each frame and then doubles it using information from the previous frame (and other information), so checkerboard/sparse rendering at 1440p means that it would have to render less pixels than native 1080p.

Checkerboard/sparse rendering can be used to get to non-native 2160p resolutions, like 1800p seems to be a popular one on the PS4 Pro, afterwards it still needs to do a regular upscale to 2160p.

I'm guessing that the added oompf of the Scorpio will make sure it can checkerboard/sparse render directly at 2160p or at least at higher resolutions than the Pro can. The games that don't use this and render at 1440p or higher will also be able to render in higher resolutions before needing to upscale. And of course some games that render at say 1800p (without checkerboard rendering) might actually be able to be lifted to native 2160p on the Scorpio.

All this is great actually and I hope that all the negative comments about checkerboard rendering will be a thing of the past (along with the Pro being a faux-k machine since the Scorpio will be as well)...

BizarroUltraman1460d ago

@kingtrash, when did MS lie about "true 4K"?

TheCommentator1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

@ Aenea

It was just a random example, but yeah, I doubt many devs would consider using 720p to sparse render to 1440p. I'm pretty sure Quantum break used an odd resolution like 720p and sparse rendered it to 1080p though, but I'm going to have to double check. I'll also look into the information you posted and see what else I can read on the subject. Thanks for the reply though, it was very helpful!

bouzebbal1460d ago

your post makes no sense..
if they announce scorpio exclusives then it destroys their play anywhere.
if they keep their games everywhere then there is absolutely no point of building a console for that.
Ok, consoles are more convenient to play but still..

andrewsquall1460d ago

@GorillaTact That's not what we are talking about though and you know it. We are talking about exclusives for Xbone that are designed to take advantage of the next gen GDDR5 architecture with its game engines built from the ground up for that architecture exclusively, like we see with stunning looking, world apart, PS4 exclusive games.

It doesn't matter if a game like Quantum Break even ran at 8K resolution, you are still taken out of the game when your protagonist's arms clip straight through walls like a PS2 game, and in a linear corridor game of all things too.

Games are still going to be held back by what the original Xbone is only capable of, unless they absolutely target low resolutions on that console so they can achieve more next gen animations and tech. And even then, for example, Quantum Break still saw massive graphical compromises even with the incredibly low res. But then that leaves the argument of previous Xbone owners "getting screwed over".

GorillaTact1460d ago


Actually I have no idea what you or that other kid(or shill maybe?) are wailing about. I am very confident that if a console maker pays for premium hardware that hardware will be utilized to expectation. Thats common sense.

Taero1460d ago

"We said we're not going to have console-exclusive games for Project Scorpio. It's one ecosystem--whether you have an Xbox One S or Project Scorpio, we don't want anyone to be left behind, Now, with the power and capabilities we have, we'll be able to do high-fidelity VR. Now, that space, we don't think of that as console gaming, we think of that as high-fidelity VR, and so with the VR experiences those will be new things that you will get on Project Scorpio."

Guess it's a flop then?

Eonjay1460d ago

There are an an estimated 20 million + Xbox Ones in the wild. it will be quite some time before the Scorpio will have enough users to make exclusives a reasonable risk. One of the reasons Microsoft doesn't do Xbox One exclusives anymore is that they can reach a larger base with PC. It just doesn't make sense from a money standpoint for them to start making exclusives for the smallest base when Scorpio launches. Xbox One isn't going anywhere and it wouldn't sit well with people who just bought one to be locked out of games on purpose by Microsoft. It doesn't work for anyone.

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darthv721461d ago

the mistake is keeping that system curbed to the xb1. granted the first year or so it will do that but if the adoption rate excels then MS will have to rethink their parity clause much like sony has to rethink theirs. No doubt both scorpio and pro are significantly more powerful than the stock iterations, and gamers are going to want satisfaction for that investment.

which one will cave first and just say "you know what... we have all this extra horsepower and it is meant for more than just higher res and more fps, I think its time to let this machine really show what its capable of"

MS having a history of 180's my $$ is on them and I will be ready with $$ in hand to partake. Will it piss some gamers off?? Sure thing but there is a greater potential to sell 2-3 times as many scorpio units as they have xb1 if they took that risk.

fr0sty1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Sony released Pro early enough on that it won't hurt them any to skip dropping the parity clause. They can release PS5 in 2 years and be fine. MS doesn't have that option with almost a year to go before Scorpio even launches.

denawayne1461d ago

Scorpio absolutely will have exclusives

aconnellan1461d ago

Microsoft's in a really, really precarious situation.

If they don't release exclusives to the Scorpio, the argument is that it's 'pointless' and that people shouldn't buy it. That's what's getting thrown around at the moment.

If they do release exclusives to the Scorpio, the argument will be that 'see, it is next-gen! MS are giving up on the Xbox One, why would you buy it if they're not going to support people who bought the One' and that people shouldn't buy it

They're going to do what makes sense to their long-term goals, but a lot of people have already made up their minds that the Scorpio wasn't a good move.

I'm still going to get it myself, but no matter what they do, people are going to be mad and say it's the worst decision ever. I think it's important to remember that moving forward

rainslacker1460d ago

I'm not too keen on the mid-gen upgrade idea, even though I recently took the plunge on a PS4P.

But at this point, since it's become a thing, I think all the assumption and speculation is pretty pointless. It's just one of those things we're going to have to wait out and see what happens, and how the different companies handle it. At that time, it can be analyzed, and then praised or criticized based on one's preferences.

Then in the "real world" it probably won't matter that much anyways, because companies do things based on how to move forward and still maintain their customer base, and in those transitions, sometimes things just get left behind and people get upset, but eventually move on.

andrewsquall1460d ago

Nintendo got away with it and the 2DS. Not sure why they can do it and not piss off their 50 million owners.

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corroios1461d ago

Ms ended exclusives. It wont go back . They want also money from pc gaming.

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skydragoonityx1461d ago

This gonna open a whole new can of worms

FallenAngel19841461d ago

No because Scorpio is an iterative console, not a new platform

OB1Biker1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I agree but actually I think its not up to them to decide. It would be silly to have just very few exclusives while third party are not ready to let go of this gen. A good reason to claim they don't want to as well.
Nevertheless there's good chance when a true new generation is wanted by most studios that PS4 Pro and Scorpio may be able to support some of the next generation games while xb1 and PS4 won't. But that's for in a few years.

XXanderXX1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

They have stated that all games will run across Xbox but in the same breath also stated that how Scorpio power is used is up to developer.

So weather or not thier are Scorpio exclusive really depends on the developer in all instances.

TheCommentator1461d ago

How they use the power, as in native 4k vs. checkerboard with better IQ. It doesn't mean Scorpio exclusive and it was said in one breath because it's not a contradictory statement.

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