Videogamer: Stalker: Clear Sky Review

Videogamer writes: "It would be easy to feel cheated. You play a game called "Stalker", and there's not a single celebrity in sight... Then you remember that the game is actually called "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." and that it isn't about violating a restraining order and tailing A-list movie stars down Hollywood Boulevard in the Californian sun, but instead there's some nonsense about a reverse-engineered acronym and you're spending your time hunting alien artefacts and trying not to be eaten by mutants in a Ukrainian thunderstorm."

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ericldn3685d ago

...I completely agree that this game wasn't worth much in the bugfull state in which it came when released. I absolutely loved the first one and love this one just as much. This review is based on the game installed with the first patch which wasn't much to start with. There's been a second one since then which pretty much fixes most of the biggest problems we all had with this game. I sometimes wish reviewers updated their reviews once these patches have been installed: Stalker: Clear Sky would now be getting much better reviews in my mind, considering that bugs were the main bad points mentioned by all. Anyhow, great & unique game, great atmosphear, not perfect by a large margin but totally worth buying nonetheless!

ericldn3685d ago

"Equally annoying is the way the game herds you towards making your initial foray into The Cordon (the starting map in the original game, incidentally) by passing through a military encampment packed with psychic guards with ultra-accurate machine guns."
While it's true that this is a hard pass, you just need to leg it as fast as you can and use a couple of medkits if needed on the way. Alternatively, come back through the tunnel and look for another entrance to the Zone further North which completely avoids the military post.

Just thought I'd mention it since the reviewer doesn't seem to have noticed... ;-)

Erdrick3684d ago

god, this game is so fscking great. wish reviewers would suck less.