ZootFly Talks Ghostbusters Game

The 'net is aflutter about promising YouTube footage of a Ghostbusters game proto from European developer ZootFly. The firm tells Next-Gen that yes, it planted that YouTube footage itself, and yes, it's happy with the response.

Everybody likes Ghostbusters. Even European game developers.

On January 10, Slovenia-based ZootFly uploaded to YouTube footage from a prototype of a game based on the much-loved Ghostbusters movies. Four separate short videos show scenes involving a bit of behind-the-shoulder proton pack shooter action, a chase scene with a revamped Ecto-2 and an extreme-close-up of the paranormal genius, Dr. Peter Venkman.

Some people cried "fake," but ZootFly then confirmed on its website the prototype status of the game, stating that it's running on a proprietary engine called Xubl2 on the Xbox 360.

In an e-mail, ZootFly programmer Tibor Klajnscek told Next-Gen that the studio specifically used YouTube to gauge reaction. "We were primarily interested in seeing the response from the fans and hoping to get some valuable feedback," he wrote. "I must say that we're very happy with the overwhelmingly positive response to the prototype footage!"

A number of consumer sites, blogs, forum posts and comments at YouTube demonstrate that the desire for a good next generation Ghostbusters game is high.

However, the fate of the game, which admittedly is still in its early stages, is up in the air because of "licensing issues" that ZootFly is trying to work through. Klajnscek opted not to comment on the specifics of these issues, as it's a "delicate subject," he said...

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power of Green 5225d ago

Is that a pic from one of the movies or is that actually from the game?. Holly sh*t! really i can't tell.