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ape0073684d ago


now quick,see you all later

joydestroy3684d ago

can someone tell me why the cars don't have headlights at night!?!?
hope there will be a patch for that.

Why o why3684d ago

those long dark corners would be a touch tougher than they should be without em

Alvadr3684d ago

Is this the update that also adds trophie support...?? Can anyone confirm so I can run to the store & buy!!!

pwnsause3684d ago

is it only out in Europe?

Marceles3684d ago

I guess so, I didn't get a prompt to download

Rob0g0rilla3684d ago

It was like this for the Cagney update. It took awhile before the US got the update.

Megaton3684d ago

Nothing in the US yet, hopefully within the hour.

ThatArtGuy3684d ago

Supposedly it will be out at 2:00am Pacific Standard Time.

Coheno3684d ago

Yes it is out, playing it right now, and loving it!

zayne3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Just downloaded it here in South Africa... Quiet fast too :P Now just to download the Buzz TV Update !!! :D Has 2 bikes... and the new daylight/night time thing happening... Quite cool to have so much support after purchase for FREE!

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Speed-Racer3684d ago

Now available in the US. :)

ThatArtGuy3684d ago

I was JUST about to post that. Downloading now.

ThatArtGuy3684d ago

Awesome update!

PS3 and 360 fans can both be happy with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.