The race for 4K: how Project Scorpio targets ultra HD gaming

Eurogamer: The race for 4K gaming has begun. PlayStation 4 Pro is in the marketplace, and while success in supporting ultra HD gaming varies dramatically between releases, an established series of techniques is in place that is already capable of effectively servicing a 4K resolution with a comparatively modest level of GPU power. In the wake of its E3 2016 reveal for the new Project Scorpio console, Microsoft began to share details with developers on how they expect to see 4K supported on its new hardware. A whitepaper was released on its development portal, entitled 'Reaching 4K and GPU Scaling Across Multiple Xbox Devices'. It's a fascinating outlook on Microsoft's ultra HD plans - and it also reveals more about the Scorpio hardware itself.

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BlakHavoc689d ago

It'll be interesting to see if MS can become the platform majority play 3rd party games on. If it's that much more impressive than the pro and the price is right, I think it's possible. They have to do a lot of things correct with this hardware but it's definitely intriguing.

ShadowKnight689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

The price will be the key imo. Ntm hopefully they show some new first party games as well. E3 can't come soon enough.

"In the wake of CES, there is renewed speculation that Scorpio may feature more advanced Zen CPU cores. However, a throwaway comment within the Microsoft whitepaper on how developers may wish to use Scorpio's capabilities again makes this seem unlikely." Hmm 🤔

Septic689d ago

Zen is unlikely here. It will be a more powerful Pro basically.

At least talk of this being a whole new generation console can die now. Right Kingthrash?!

Overload689d ago

All the talk about this system is now so hilarious in retrospect.

Septic689d ago (Edited 689d ago )


What's so hilarious about it? Weren't you the one saying this was being treated as a new generation console?

Seems in line with what MS announced to be fair. 6TF beast. Some things like checkerboard rendering is disappointing to me (although many here said it wasn't up scaling so THEY shouldn't have problems with it).

The whole 'it's a new gen' console argument goes down the toilet.

True 4k rendering however might go by the wayside too based on this but, it will be the most powerful console on the market. That isn't changing.

BlakHavoc689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

How developers will utilize the increase in power is interesting, will they create a single version of their games that are meant to run correspondingly on all supported consoles or will they create different SKUs based on the capabilities of the particular hardware? Yes Scorpio will be more powerful but will we see those benefits in 3rd party titles or just first party titles? So many questions left unanswered right now, but all are essential to whether or not I think it's a worthy investment. And like you said, the price has to be right.

Overload689d ago (Edited 689d ago )


No, I said. The closer we get to it people talk about it like a next gen console.

TankCrossing689d ago

Yup it looks like the white paper is quite specific on how to support Xbox One (S) and Scorpio in tandem, but more importantly... PC! :D

Overload689d ago

The damage controlling right now is hilarious. Do people not remember AMD's Ryzen? True 4K?

Septic689d ago


"The damage controlling right now is hilarious."

Where is the damage control here btw?

Overload689d ago (Edited 689d ago )


The changes in tone are enough

"Xbox Beast"

Sony's PS4 Pro is not a "premium" product

That's your site isn't it?

Septic689d ago


I asked you a question. Where is the damage limitation here? Couldn't answer it here but what did you refetence?

"Xbox beast"

Errrr....look above. I just called it a 6TF beast in this article. Sorry is this now not 6 teraflops?

Then you referenced one of the other writers articles. And where on earth is the damage limitation? Your point is?

So once again....damage limitation. Where is it?

stuna1689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

What I find interesting is the white paper also suggest Scorpio using Checkerboard rendering as well! Not meaning to step on toes here, but Microsoft themselves spoke out negatively against the PS4 Pro use of the technique yet the only thing that's changed is name only. What's really funny is Xbox supporters also tried to blackball the technique!

Also all the same supporters talking about the tech in Scorpio were in essence guestimating everything, but using as fact in their petty little arguments. And through all of that, now you see responses like "At least talk of this being a whole new generation console can die now." WTF???

If anything this should be raising concerns! What I see here is a possible scaling back of the whole Project Scorpio project, because as so many analyst on these boards have stated time and time again Scorpio will be contending with High-End PC's!? How so when PC's can do 4K nativily and PS4 Pro and possibly Scorpio will have to settle for Checkerboard rendering often times? But when PS4 Pro was reported to do it, it was all jokes.

One good thing out of all of this is it can now be looked at as being affordable.


Really I think it doesn't means much if Microsoft does do away with Checkerboard rendering. The fact remains they were considering it says it all! Microsoft went on record stating Checkerboard rendering was inferior on the PS4 Pro, but yet they were going to use it? It doesn't make sense. Plus how can you downplay something, but plan on doing it yourself? That's about as Hypocritical as you can get! Examples like this are reasons people don't take Microsoft word on things, because they usually turn out to be half truths. A half of a truth is still considered a lie.


That's not the point I'm trying to make. The point is why try to downplay a IMO asset on a competitors machine when you have every intention of using that very same asset!? This is no different to how they tried to downplay HDR when Sony updated the vanilla PS4. Seem to me that somethings are not impressive or important unless Microsoft themselves are at the forefront of doing them. Example the crossbuy/crossplay feature that Sony had on the PS3/Vita. It wasn't that big a deal then, but all of a sudden it is now since Microsoft is doing it.

rainslacker689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Seems that it is an upclocked Polaris according to the article. I can't see MS going with Zen just due to costs, and it's not absolutely necessary when they can customize a Polaris chip, which according to the article, it looks like they did, and it makes sense they would.

Was interesting that MS is strongly recommending checkerboarding. Given how much Xbox gamers have crapped on the rendering technique which has been around for a while, it'll be fun to see if they now accept that it is actually a native 4K resolution, because I'm sure most games will actually use the technique since 6TF is not going to get the same results in terms of graphics quality with straight up 4K rendering.

There is a silver lining to checkerboarding though. It means the look will actually probably be better than the PS4P, because more power can be given to things like texture detail and lighting. I think most devs would go that route in these early days of 4K, because the average gamer is still going to be impressed by it.

@TheCommentator below

Scaling back isn't as easy as scaling up. Game design often over shoots the hardware already, and then is scaled back, but the actual design remains pretty close to what the devs hope to accomplish. Targeting Scorpio, then trying to cut it back 4X is a pretty big task.

Anyhow, on topic of if devs will use checkerboarding on one platform and not the other, Im afraid that's not really how it works. It is much easier to simply use it for both. it requires less work to move from one to the other, as the rendering pipeline stays the same. If they mix it up between platforms, that basically makes it so now they have three different platforms to build to...potentially 4 if you include PC if they aren't targeting DX. You have the OG systems for this gen, the checkerboard for PS4, standard rendering for Scorpio, and then potentially standard resolutions for PC.

That's a lot of different rendering pipelines to work with, all of which requires their own optimization, and that's not really how development works from a purely financial stand point. Less work is usually preferred. On top of that, the lead platform, if that's even that appicable anymore, is typically the one that sells the most software. Last gen it shifted to the one where it was just easier to focus on the more complex one.

GtR35olution689d ago

Im glad i bought a ps4 pro and ill be playing horizon zero dawn day one. Getting resident evil 7 today to play on psvr which a lot of people are saying is the best way to play the game.

I see a lot people have been talking about waiting over a year for scorpio so they can play games with slightly better resolution when all scorpio games can be enjoyed on a pc which can be a lot more powerful. To each his own. Im glad sony releases a lot of exclusive titles where the best place i can experience them is on a ps4

TheCommentator689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Seroiusly, to everybody still saying that Scorpio won't be native 4k just stop. AMD says it takes less than 4x more processing to render 4k over 1080p. Scorpio is at least 4.5x more powerful than XB1 at 6tf. Making an educated guess from here is child's play. Can someone show me any evidence to the contrary?

@ Stuna

Sure, Scorpio CAN use checkerboard rendering, but it won't always need to, even when the Pro does, because it's more powerful. Also, Scorpio AND XB1 will both be able to use half float precision now too thanks to the introduction of SM6.0, which is something that only the Pro can use as far as I'm aware, which means better looking games for all MS consoles once Scorpio game development is in full swing!

Eonjay689d ago

Nobody really wants it. People really want games. Because Sony inflicted a inferiority complex on Microsoft, they are going with hardware over games... which makes sense when you realize they are going UWP anyway.

TheCommentator689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

@ Stuna's edit:

The issue I have here is that games will likely be tailored to the most powerful console and scaled down to the others. Native 4k would therefore be the Scorpio standard, but devs can use checkerboarding if they want to use the power of the console for better effects (like a high IQ 1440p option). Also, MS used checkerboarding on Quantum Break and got raked over the coals for it, right? Given the fact that the Pro was known as PS4k before details were known there were bound to be people picking on the fact that most Pro games wouldn't render 4k natively.

One more thing. If you read the article, the author states that a 900p image would need 5.75x more pixels for 4k. While he surmises then that Scorpio won't get those titles to native 4k, the author later states that the tile based rasterizer that's debuting in Vega may allow for 900p games to hit native 4k as well. Ironically, this HW accelerator actually debuted in the XB1 which is also FL12.1 compliant.

Kingthrash360689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

I never said there was gunna be a new generation with the scorpio. ..MS said themselves that they won't be doing generational consoles anymore.
I said it would be a steam machine xbox. You wish it was a new console tho. Them maybe all that power wouldn't go to waste being held back by a weak console.
I just hope they have actual games for
It and a competitive price. Anything over 399.99 is gunna hurt them. With 2 other consoles with larger library of diverse games and actual exclusives will cost less it will be an uphill battle for this to be successful.

Outside_ofthe_Box689d ago

$400 might be possible now if this true. Pricing above $500 is pricing yourself out the market so as long as Scorpio's price doesn't fall above that it should be fine.

dcbronco689d ago

Septic in the long run Zen is cheaper than another version of jaguar. Zen will be in every AMD machine. Jaguar in twenty million at best. Zen will hit half the CPU market or around 150 million CPUs. Plus AMD will continue to do constant refinements.

Jaguar means design, shrink, low order cost and maturation are all on Microsoft. Zen puts that on AMD. Zen gives developers breathing room for CPU intensive features Jaguar couldn't begin to do, It gives you all of the advantages of the new architecture and its feature set. And overtime it cost less. Plus with UWP you have a ton of games that immediately port over.

NewMonday688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

"On Project Scorpio, a half-resolution effect rendered at 1080p and bilaterally up-sampled to 4K.. the second major technique it advocates is 'sparse rendering' - which is better known in the post-PS4 Pro era as checkerboarding"

"On the face of it, the in-depth discussion of techniques like this may be suggesting that Scorpio isn't the 'true 4K' console that Microsoft marketed it as at E3 2016"

exactly as I predicted

Unspoken688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

MS never stated every game will be in 4K, but it will be more suited to a 4K TV than a PS4P which is what matters.

RegorL688d ago


"true 4k gaming" [true => native]

"the highest res, the best frame rate, no compromises" [=> 4k, 60Hz, native]

"we can render at 60 Hz, we can render fully uncompressed pixels" [=> 60Hz, native]

and so on...

Well, no statement in itself promises all games 4k @ 60 Hz native, but they clearly intended to give that impression...

Unspoken688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Did you even watch the rest of the videos? They even say they can't wait to see what the DEVELOPERS will do with that power. It's up to the developer to render in 4K and decide how to render the rest of the assests. Even PC games do the same, Overwatch for example render's at 4K 60fps but the character shadows render at half the framerate.

There will be "true" 4K titles; games like Killer Instinct, Ori, and Forza Motorsport. If dev's want to show more eye candy and complex scenes then they will have to make the sacrifice. It's a $3K machine with a SLI Titan XP's in it.

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Puertorock77689d ago

Doubt it. Never in console history has a more powerful but more expensive console become the platform majority for 3rd party games. Scorpio have the best version of games, but only the minority will go for it.

TankCrossing689d ago

The PS4 Pro is evidence enough. The PS4 Slim continues to outsell it by a distance.

There is a market for powerful hardware, but it seems to be way smaller than the market for cheap hardware.

mcstorm689d ago

@Puertorock77 this is true but what will be interesting is to see how 3rd partys make their games. At the moment most are ported to the xbox one but with the new windows 10 app side and Scorpio coming you may find developers may make the game for PC/Scorpio/One and port it to the PS4/pro which will be what MS want in the long run.
Its the final peace of the puzzle for the xbox/windows program and I'm sure MS will show all when they show us Scorpio off.

BlakHavoc689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

I think two factors will weight in greatly and determine whether or not this console is adopted as the primary place to play majority of games. Price is key, and the difference graphically and in performance can't be subtle, but instead obvious. I think gamers will be willing to pay $100 more than a pro if the difference is substantial. Casuals also like to have the fanciest toy on the market, same reason why ppl buy expensive brands of merchandise when often the quality is not particularly better. If it's more than $500 I think it will be hard to convince the market, especially if it doesn't stand out compared to the competition.


I think that's a direct reflection of my comment above, the pro is more powerful than the standard ps4 but imo the difference in quality right now is not worth the upgrade. Will it be 2 years down the line? Maybe, but I don't think developers are really utilizing the increase in power and I don't think consumers are convinced. It's really simple actually, if MS wants ppl to buy this thing, the difference in power must be thrown in our faces.

Puertorock77689d ago

@mcstorm Developers choosing which platform to make their games on primarily comes down to one thing, money. The original Xbox was by far the most powerful and easier platform to develop for yet the PS2 was the primary console for game development simply because it was selling more games than the OG Xbox.

Publishers are concerned with dollars and cents and not so much TFLOPS and resolution. Ofcourse their are exceptions like the Wii vs PS3/360 where Wii had the majority of the marketshare but developers primarily made games for 360/PS3. That was because Wii didn't;t have the power to utilize the tools developers had and games sales were terrible when it came to games these developers were making.

So in the end it still came down to dollar and cents.

@BlakHavoc Hardcore gamers will be willing to pay, Causal gamers aren't paying $400 for a console and then another $400 for a small 4KTV just to play Red Dead Redemption 2. Majority of gamers was to play Mass Effect Andromeda, Red Dead 2, COD etc in the cheapest amount fashionable.

mcstorm689d ago

Puer I know that but what I am saying is Microsoft have just made it easier for developers to make games across their platforms. Windows 10, Xbox, Windows mobile so making a game for Windows 10 makes it easy to port to the others and the same the other way round.

Puertorock77688d ago

@mcstorm MS did make it easier but not to the point where XB can be the main platform to develop on. Take for example Bioware with Mass Effect Andromeda. It won't support Scorpio at all. Bioware officially stated that if Mass Effect were to support Scorpio it would come from a GOTY edition. Keep in mind Mass Effect Andromeda is on XB1 and PC back by EA money.

LastCenturyRob688d ago

You may want to wait until a price point is set. "IF" the price is competitive with the PSpro it will sell very well.

688d ago
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christocolus689d ago (Edited 689d ago )


Intriguing indeed. I can't wait for the reveal.

Also Eurogamer -

"The whitepaper we've seen - dated to just after Scorpio's E3 reveal - only confirms no ESRAM, boosted L2 cache and support for memory compression technology. Beyond that, all we have to go on is Microsoft's stated 320GB/s bandwidth, eight CPU cores - plus a motherboard rendering strongly suggesting 12GB of GDDR5 memory. How the final spec will shape up remains to be seen"

Moonman689d ago

I'll continue to play third party games on PS4 thank you very much.

KakashiHotake689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

For that very reason I've been holding out on buying a PS4 Pro. I want to wait and see what Scorpio is all about. In the meantime my PS4 has been doing just fine.

Edit: I knew this comment would get downvoted. It's amazing how biased people on this site is. If you say anything that sounds even remotely rational and not pro playstation people are quick to disagree. You guys need to grow up.

BlakHavoc689d ago

Ya my interest in the Scorpio exists because I want to know if it provides a better place to experience 3rd party content.

Ju689d ago

With that user interface the wait is not necessary. Unless they change the OS completely, I prefer the PS4. The Games will look the same, the difference (at 4K with HDR) will look marginal.

Aenea689d ago

If I read this correctly it won't be 'much more impressive' than the Pro, just a bit better resulting in slightly better looking games....

BlakHavoc689d ago

That's my concern, technically it can me more impressive but if the distinction isn't obvious it will not sell a whole lot.

Ju689d ago

It's exactly what it is sans the marketing hype. 4.5 vs. 6 which is the 35% or something, but with the pixeldensity of a 4K screen. Which simply will be invisible.

starchild688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

That's not exactly true, Ju. I can see very noticeable differences in multiplatform games between my PS4 Pro and my PC with a GTX 1070, so I would expect that differences would still be noticeable between PS4 Pro and Scorpio.

Will they be significant differences? Well, I think it depends on the person and how perceptive they are, how much they care about visual quality, etc. In general I'd say the difference will be similar to what we see between PS4 and XB1 today.

butchertroll689d ago

Well, well, well. What do we have here. Something is changed on official Scorpio site :

Now :

Before :

So, no high-fidelity VR and "true" 4k gaming is pretty misleading. You know what MS said : "uncompressed pixels". But checkerboard on Scorpio says : Hi!

Aenea689d ago

Checkerboard rendering is not compressing pixels tho. That whole "uncompressed pixels" and "highest quality pixels" was just marketing speak, means nothing in the real world.

That they removed high fidelity VR is a tad weird tho, altho, if you think about it, the VR headsets out now that they could use have a higher resolution AND need to run at 90fps resulting in quite a few more pixels to push per second than the PS4/Pro needs to for PSVR (1.875 more pixels per second with only 40% more power) so maybe they figured there wouldn't be a VR headset on the market they could use to get better looking VR than on the PSVR+Pro combo?

rainslacker689d ago

Marketing is all about trying to make something more than it is. There is no such thing as a compressed pixel. A lot of companies like to make up their own terms for things, to try and distinguish their products, even if what they're saying isn't even that special. 4K itself is rife with all sorts of marketing terms from different companies, and there are actually only a few standards which define it....although the official standards seem to keep making new ones to make it more annoying.

MS intention is to distract or distinguish itself from what Sony has to offer. That's pretty obvious. But ultimately, what they will have is going to be pretty much the same. It'll obviously have better performance for the same stuff, but it won't be everything that MS is making it out to be across the board.

I recall Sony got sued for such tactics with KZ:SF multiplayer. Can't wait until someone sues these 4K promoters for all the crap they're pulling.....and I mean that across the board, not directed at MS itself, because Sony has had their share of misdirection in actual marketing, but tend to be pretty clear in press releases to those of us who talk about it.

medman689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Microsoft's problem will be the slew of Sony exclusives on tap for 2017 and 2018. Sony is cleaning up and you could argue they haven't hit their stride as far as their first party studio games go. But that changes big time in 2017 and 2018. So for those gamers who can't/don't want both, it's going to come down to more than 3rd party titles performing better on Scorpio....they will have to decide whether they want Sony's exclusives or are willing to miss out on games like Spider-Man, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit Become Human, Wild, Death Stranding, TLOU Part II, Nioh, Nier Automata, Days Gone, Persona 5, Ni No Kuni II, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, etc. etc. etc.

Also, let's not hand out prizes for 3rd party superiority yet....that really will depend on optimization by developers, and 3rd party cross console development has shown us that most times, developers target the lowest common denominator for even though you may have a Pro or Scorpio, devs still target ps4 and xbox one because those consoles will count for the majority of their software sales. You'll get a bump with the newer hardware, but how much tangible difference will we see between Pro and Scorpio? Probably not much, as to take full advantage of each individual piece of hardware is just going to cost the devs more they probably won't be willing to spend. So essentially, the Pro and Scorpio version will probably be more similar to each other than they are different, just as we see with 3rd party titles for ps4 and xbox one. Not much between them, even though the ps4 is the more capable machine.

Scorpio will have to depend on "exclusives" to show what it can really do, and we see that thus far Microsoft first party studios haven't exactly been blowing the doors off and stunning us with their games. Perhaps Crackdown will be a launch game for Scorpio and it will be phenomenal, but I'm not holding my breath, that's for sure. I hope to be surprised, but.......

BlakHavoc689d ago

Ya that's my biggest concern is that devs won't utilize the full capabilities of the superior consoles. Also I agree and think there's no argument that Sony is about to hit their stride with exclusives, with the likes of GoW, Spidey, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Tlou...(takes deep breath)...GT Sport, Horizon, P5, so on and so on lol. The big guns are coming.

689d ago
Raiden688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

All MS needs to do is have games coming from there studios, if MS has 12 new IPs per year in the works then they stand a chance, (what was Sony doing during the PS3 years, preparation for games) in the end it's all about the games first then the features, this was the critical mistake they made last time out, Don Mattricks and his team failed the brand and its fan buy not understanding the public needs correctly, give the people what they want, GAMES.

BlakHavoc688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

My thing is that I don't think MSs first party studios are as capable as Sony's for one, and secondly I think their two most talented studios are working on franchises that have been associated with the Xbox brand for over a decade, so their not going anywhere. But yes, they need to build a library that's diverse and compelling, I just don't think that can be done through their inner studios. Their best bet is partnerships with 2nd and 3rd party teams.

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UltraNova689d ago

So based on this whitepaper MS is advocating checkerbaord techiniques?

"The second major technique it advocates is 'sparse rendering' - which is better known in the post-PS4 Pro era as checkerboarding. Not only does Microsoft advocate the same technique for Scorpio, it also cites the same impressive work by Ubisoft seen in Rainbow Six Siege - to the point where the exact same presentation shown to me by Mark Cerny a few months back is referenced in the whitepaper."

This doesnt fit with the whole 'true 4K console' thing...

ShadowKnight689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

If this is true its because Microsoft is trying to keep the cost down so they can sell it at $399 to $450 my guess. I believe the Zen processors are going to be to expensive at least the 8 core version.

UltraNova689d ago

Affordability should be their primary target, for better or for worse but still make a console that is as powerfull as it can be when its released even if it means loosing a few bucks with each unit sold.

MS needs to sell a lot of units this time around and bring the fight to Sony. If they ask for 500 bucks I think they have willingly abondoned ship.

butchertroll689d ago

You won't see ZEN in Xbox Scorpio. That dream is dead. AMD made a clear statement few months ago that ZEN semi-custom chips will be available beyond 2017.

ShadowKnight689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

I agree I'm just curious and trying to figure out how they're going to keep it affordable and keep the cost down. You see what Sony had to do to keep the pro at $399. Just an overclock cpu, one extra 1GB of Dram memory, 4.2 teraflops gpu, and no Ultra HD player and the results you get a $399 dollar console that's primary focus is on games.

BlakHavoc689d ago

Checkerboard rendering is the exactly what Cerny was referring to during the pro reveal right?...

tyasia0689d ago

I don't know why people think this will keep costs down. it's still going to be a $499 console of they want to have 6tf nothing has changed.

Ju689d ago

"MS needs to sell a lot of units this time around". See this is the problem. A PS4 goes for 249 (or at least you can find some), if this drops to 199, and the Scorpio is twice that, it will be a hard sell. At this price a $200 is your high volume device, even the Pro - even if less then $400 by then - will not be the high margin console for Sony. MS has no low volume machine, because listening to most people here, all XBoxers will switch to Scorpio day one. This will be a tough sell for MS. A $199 XBO will probably be competitive, though.

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Septic689d ago

No Zen processor and reliance on checkerboard rendering is disappointing.

The most powerful console in the world but not as powerful as many fans wanted. Shame really. Well based on these leaks...which tbh are most likely legit considering the source.

--Onilink--689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

they never say anything about RELIANCE, they actually quite directly say that they understand that developers might want to spend the extra power on something other than resolution.

So checkerboard rendering + higher res textures + better lightning/shadows/draw distance


Just native 4k

Qutite frankly, I very much prefer that they are giving the option to devs to use checkerboad and apply the extra power (its not like the GPU has changed) in other things.

I wouldnt be surprised if 1st party games do end up being Native 4k (like the article says there are already some) just so they can boast about it , not necesarily because its the best way to go

689d ago
rainslacker689d ago

The option would have been there either way. It's not something that is locked out by the GPU. It's pipeline function, and any modern GPU can handle it for various resolutions.

But the article said MS advocates and even strongly points to examples of why it'd be better to go that route. MS wants devs to get their games to 4K, and run well to make the console look better. If they use checkerboarding, the games will look better because graphics themselves can be bumped up, with a pretty insignificant hit to clarity in some cases of high motion. But the better graphics are going to go much further than crisp graphics, and for that reason, even if MS didn't advocate it, most devs would probably still use it.

Some games can achieve high performance at 4K probably. Racing games tend to manage better graphics on lesser hardware for instance. Obviously the mid-tier type titles probably can manage it, because they don't spend as much time on excessive graphics details.

WickedLester689d ago

IMO, disappointing hardware is the least of MS' issues. In truth, I really wish they would've taken some of this Scorpio R&D money and invested in some more in-house development studios. The Xbox One S's issues are not hardware-related IMO. It's the fact that it's a Halo/Gears/Forza machine with very little else to justify it's existence.

Bigpappy689d ago

They are not relying on checker board. It is one of the options. Native 4K was never mandated!

Ju689d ago

There, is still hope for some. Look, people, the performance benefit allows you to do what the PS4P does at 1800p at native 2160p - with the exact same effects and frame rate; and basically you can't see the difference in that case. It gives you those couple of extra lines, but it doesn't do much else. That's the thing. Totally expected and what we said all along, but some here where dreaming big. It ain't so. Of course not. Numbers are just number and no magic can overcome that. It's interesting that there are so many dreamers on here.

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Kokyu689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Um they mention that a little later in the article. Anyone who thought MS was going to release a true 4k native machine and it wasnt going to be 600$ or more was dreaming. If its powerful and has better game selection than xbone I may get one.

yeahright2689d ago

So they'll be upscaling too. Seems like they're running into issues with pricing if you ask me. They're probably trying to hit a 5 or 6 hundred dollar price point and now have to make some sacrifices. My guess is some games native 4K, but most will be upscaling.

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rainslacker689d ago

Believe it or not, given the power of the GPU, that's actually a good thing. It'll give better visuals of the graphics themselves.

Tussin187689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Goalposts have started to shift already as I read through these comments. E3 needs to hurry up because this just got real. Bloodbath cometh.....

Bigpappy689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Actually, they have recommended an all the above solution. If developer do not want to use all the power for resolution, they have an array of choices to upscale and focus the power on other areas:

"We acknowledge that developers may not wish to spend all of the additional GPU resource of Project Scorpio on resolution, and this is not mandated," the paper says. "To make the best games possible, developers will inevitably spend GPU resource on other quality improvements such as higher fidelity shadows, reflections, texture filtering and lower draw distances. Another option developers might consider is frame-rate upscaling - running graphics at 60Hz but the CPU at 30Hz and interpolating animation."

They talked about how well 1080p was converted from one of they existing in-house games (Forza) to NATIVE 4K. They then go on to talk about 1/2 resolution and checker board. Once again (Native 4k is NOT mandated! It never was the case).