What NES and SNES Games Will Get Online Play?

According to Nintendo, with the Switch, some NES and SNES games will be getting new online play. How will these features be implemented, and in what games?

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Player3Podcast2707d ago

While I could see this just being leaderboards and such, it would be pretty fun to play Contra online with a friend.

b163o12706d ago

Any of the wrestling games on N64, should be revamped to host online multiplayer modes. We're talking classic wrestling games, with the best wrestling cast to ever grace the ring...

eagle212707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

OMG YAAS. Contra, Contra 3, Double Dragon, Donkey Kong Country and Double Dragon II co op would be so awesome. I would pay for this to work perfectly.

I would love Mario Kart SNES online. Purists don't get mad but they could tweak the handling and drifting to bring it up to modern feels.

Skaymore2707d ago

Personally I don't think I would like t if they changed how the game controlled, bc we have modern mario Karts anyway. Though if it was strictly an option I'd be all for it

RosweeSon2706d ago

Mario Kart SNES online yes. Tweaking the handling... shut door on way out please... if you want modern Grab Mario kart 8 when it releases ;)

PhoenixUp2707d ago

I thought all of the ones with multiplayer would receive this feature as a standard

Z5012706d ago

One would think since you have to pay for online.

RosweeSon2706d ago

Maybe the ones with Multiplayer.. just a guess ;)

nowitzki20042706d ago

Donkey Kong Country. 2 player co-op, make it easy for guests to jump into random games.

Muzikguy2706d ago

Well, you'll need a smartphone first of all

DillyDilly2706d ago

People will do it if they released Goldeneye with Online

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