5 Pro PS4 tips and tricks you probably don't know

Just when you thought you knew every PS4 & PS4 trick. Our top 5 tips every PlayStation 4 owner should use.

Sillicur2731d ago

Some excellent tips! Thank you, I never knew about two of these, especially the size of those save files! Wow

2731d ago
dumahim2731d ago

Only one of these tips has anything to do with the Pro. Otherwise, everything is applicable to all PS4s.

I'm not even sure #1 is even true about only being able to delete one save at a time before. I think it always let you select multiple files.

MagicBeanz2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

You misunderstand, they don't mean they're tips for Pro, they mean they're tips that make you a professional user of Playstation.

MagicBeanz2730d ago

Not sure how anyone wouldn't know these but I guess for anyone who doesn't its a helpful list.

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Nacho_Z1769d ago

The animation is nice and it looks like it controls well but they seem to have forgotten to make it a game.


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