GI.Biz Interview: Peter Molyneux Part 1 - 'PS3 still waiting for its defining games' - Molyneux

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "One of this year's biggest Xbox 360 platform releases is Fable 2, and with Peter Molyneux presenting a keynote speech at this year's Games Convention Asia Conference, it seemed like the ideal time for to catch up with him.

In part one of this exclusive interview, he talks about his views on the development of the Asian market, his hopes for Fable 2 sales in the region, whether or not the game can stimulate Xbox 360 sales in Japan, and his thoughts on the great progress made by his former team-members now at Media Molecule.

Q: What attracts you to Games Convention Asia?

Peter Molyneux: Well, obviously it's fantastic to see the amount of development that's happening over in Asia, and it's absolutely fascinating that it's a global industry that they're dealing with now. You're seeing more and more talent from all over the world come together - there's the US, there's Europe and there's Asia, and it will be fascinating to see what products the developers are developing.

But also it's to fly the flag for European development as well."

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Le-mo3780d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune would like a word with you Peter.

Jamie Foxx3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

uncharted,mgs4 are amazing games no doubt but they dont define the ps3,i believe LBP will rise to that accolade,and you get the feeling he believes that to.

LBP could be what granturismo was to ps1 and gta3 to ps2

i like peter his honest and not scared to express his views just because of who his employers are

coolfool3780d ago

I mean, it depends on your definition. Would would be classed as "defining" on the 360? Gears of War? If so does that mean the 360 is nothing more that a 3rd person blast 'em up which, although fun to play, has a relatively low IQ.

Maybe a console doesn't need a game to define it. Maybe the console is defined by all the good games available on it.

I don't think LBP will define the PS3. I think

LBP + MGS4 + DF + anything else you may like defines PS3.

marinelife93780d ago

I can't think of a single defining game for the PS2 but it seemed to do okay.

Gran Turismo?
Grand Theft Auto?
God of War?
Final Fantasy?
Ratchet and Clank?
Metal Gear Solid?
Shadow of the Colossus?

Which one was the defining game of the PS2?

rushbd3780d ago

but i'm afraid he's mistaken, MGS4 already defined PS3...

Megatron083780d ago

If mgs4 is the ps3's defining game there is no hope for the ps3. That game was one of the worst games i ever played in my life and one of the worst games ever made in the history of gaming the only game that might be worse then mgs4 is ET

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LinuxGuru3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Wow, Peter is doing a lot of talking lately.

Hmmm...last I checked, he hasn't delivered much either, considering that many people considered Fable a failure based on things Peter said were going to be included that never made it into the final game.

Seems this guy just can't keep his mouth shut. He doesn't have a whole lot to back up his curious ramblings.

This guy's been in the gaming industry half a decade, and he thinks he can all of a sudden have in-depth opinions about these companies that have FAR more experience than he does.

What gives him the right to be so opinionated all of a sudden?

Because he put a dog as a character in his next game?

Give me a break.

LinuxGuru3780d ago

When I say he's been in the industry for half a decade, I mean people have only really cared about him or noticed him for that long.

He's actually been around a while, but nobody gave a sh*t until Fable in 2004.

kingme713780d ago

He was doing well for himself when he was with Bullfrog in the late 80's through the 90's. The Populous games, Dungeon Keeper were two highly respected games.

dukadork3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

then lionhead and media molecule were founded.
after that, it's a sad old-fart-talentless-hasbeen story.


LBP is coming out soon and we'll all see where the original bullfrog genius has gone.

DarkSniper3780d ago

Peter Molyneux's can be deemed as downright putrid, uncouth and untrue. Fable will join Xbox 360 in the disastrous 2008 roster which has been filled with consecutive mediocre to abysmal titles. Fable II will further continue this trend. Fable II has no competitive or technical edge when it comes to far more superior games in it's genre such as Folklore.

When it comes industry defining games, PLAYSTATION®3 has you covered in all aspects and all genres. With it's stellar lineup of top notch titles, Dark Sniper gives you complete reassurance that PLAYSTATION®3 is the definitive system for an immersive and complete gaming experience.


StephanieBBB3780d ago

The only PS3 related thing he said was that LBP was coming out at the same date as Fable 2. The headline should have been "Peter Molyneux gives a mouthful Part 1"

ape0073780d ago

he's kinda right

when ms2,r2,killzone 2,and lbp releases,ps3 will have its own taste

I hate multiplat,makes you feel that ps3\360 are equal

I know ps3 already had mgs4 and uncharted but more games will make it so special

Megatron083780d ago

I know especially when we all know just how far behind the ps3 is compared to the 360

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