EA denies Crysis game on Xbox 360

EA has shot down recent claims that a version of Crysis is headed to Xbox 360. The publisher described 1UP's discussion of the game (via podcast) as a "miscommunication." The gaming site claimed to have spoken with Crytek developers who confirmed an Xbox 360 title was in the works.

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KS19855231d ago

Well as Mick Jagger would say,
'You can't always get what you want'

Silver Bull3t5231d ago (Edited 5231d ago )

I smell non-disclosure agreement and damage control. Since Crysis is helping push Vista interest, it's no wonder they'd shoot this down w/the quickness. Once the early adopters pick up Vista and upgrade all their hardware to play Crysis, then they'll release the console versions. Albeit a year from now at least. imo.

Who do you believe, a developer or the corporate talking heads?....

... and yes, the console versions will probably be tuned-down versions (unless M$ updates the 360 for DX10 :)