PS3 Firmware 2.43 Enables GT5 Advanced Downloading

I just downloaded the optional firmware 2.43 and the system actually seems more resposive. Anyway, I booted up Gran Turismo 5 and was browsing around the options when I noticed something interesting: When you uncheck the "Disable Advanced Downloading" it asks you to "accept" or "decline"

In the past you used to get a warning message saying this feature would be enabled in a future firmware update. Well this message no longer pops up. I guess now we know what the firmware update did, possibly among other things.

BTW, the advanced downloading system allows for peer-to-peer content uploading for faster downloads of GT-TV purchases, much like the MGO Beta P2P download option.

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TheColbertinator3685d ago

Thats a plus,I suppose.I recommend Polyphony get started on Gran Turismo 5 because I dont see the Prologue disc getting more interesting anytime soon.

JD_Shadow3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Probably by this time next year we'll be all about the full game.

They shouldn't be that far from its release by now. Though the way the Prologue has become a hit, I would figure maybe they might try to milk the sales of that a bit more before releasing the full game (wouldn't blame them if they did).

[email protected]: I have a feeling it'll be worth the wait if the PROLOGUE was THAT good.

TheColbertinator3685d ago

I dont know man.I got GT3 on 2001 which came out after the PS2 in 1 year.Waiting 4 years for the true Real Racing Simulator requires too much patience.

thor3685d ago

But the full game will be just like the prologue. We've already seen prologue's graphics, that's what it will be. We've already seen prologue's 16 player races, that's what it'll be. I even think that the online system they use for GT5 will be the same. It seems to me they have no intention of creating a server lobby and the ability to create your own games. Nor does it seem they will have dedicated servers.

The physics engine in prologue, whilst accurate whilst driving round the track as you're supposed to, is severely flawed. It's not just the lack of damage; the cars aren't able to flip over or even rotate significantly in that direction at all, you'd never have 2 side wheels completely off the ground for example. Now this doesn't matter in the game because we're not driving like lunatics, but if you crash, you need more than just damage. And I don't see why running into a tape held up by poles will stop your car dead. It's seriously last-gen.

I hope the AI can be improved for the full release, it still uses the same "formula", so whilst it might be very intelligent, it doesn't seem that way. For instance, a professional racer might not want to be agressive and instead stick to his line to get the best time and hopefully overtake later. But if the AI does this it looks a little odd as though they don't know you are there. So the AI doesn't need to be more intelligent, just more agressive towards the player.

Why o why3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

agreed but everything will be tweeaked obviously. Lets hope the crash damage is in place because i dont mind waiting for it it if they do it right.

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juuken3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

1. It's not the full game.
2. GT5 will have damage.

And you disagree instead of proving me wrong.

SlappyMcTaint3685d ago

GT5 has had this option since they released the GTTV update. You can download multiple shows at once.

pp3685d ago

Hahahahhaha no DAMAGE anyway i have better racing games to look forward to on xbox360

yanikins1113685d ago

<crickets chirp>
<tumbleweed tumbles>

yanikins1113685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

funny thing is, if you know how to race, the damage doesnt come into it. AT ALL! I doubt I'm going to notice once damage is implemented.


TheColbertinator3685d ago

This isn't Demolition Derby guys,its Gran Turismo.

pp3685d ago

What still no DAMAGE so so sad and i was thinking of getting this game .I'll guess i will rather wait and get forza 3

Narutone663685d ago

with that kind of attitude, you really do deserve Forza 3.

spelle cheque3685d ago

"Gran Sh*tmo 5"

Did you come up with that all by yourself?
That's very clever. I can see why you have 6 bubbles with wit as sharp as that.

You sir are a master of words, your command of the English language is extraordinary as well.

The 360 camp has done well to gain you as a supporter.

Keep up the good work genius.

PopEmUp3685d ago

do you even know how to drive car dude, btw real racer prefer GT over Forza anyday of the week, do you know that?

pixelsword3685d ago

Look at Motorstorm, and dream that the 360 could come close to that. Be happy with Pure, because it's likely the closest you'll get to Motorstorm outside of the PS3.

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