Five Upcoming PS4/Xbox One Consoles Exclusives You Shouldn't Be Sold On Just Yet

ThisGenGaming says "The PS4 and Xbox One both are releasing some promising exclusives this year. The PS4 and Xbox One exclusives being released this year include New IPs, sequels, and even trilogies. There are many terrific titles, but some games such as: MLB The Show 17 and Sea of Thieves still raise some concerns."

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Godmars2901462d ago

Why wouldn't you be sold on MLB the Show if you're an MLB the Show fan? Isn't it basically Sony's GT of baseball?

Really, given it only five titles, one which the 17th entry in a series, question the point of this list.

uptownsoul1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I know right. The idea that this year's MLB might be completely different than what you might have kinda funny

If you don't like the previous Show games then your probably not going to like this. If you do like the previous Show games then you'll probably like this

freshslicepizza1461d ago

mlb the show has always been a stellar franchise but i think they are worried nothing has been shown yet that's all. its also unfair to expect huge advancements when its an annual franchise.

FITgamer1461d ago

Sony San Diego did a live stream near E3. They actually showed quite a bit and it looks sick.

Exvalos1461d ago

MLB is like nba2k or madden ppl buy it every frigging year it comes out

FITgamer1461d ago

I'm definitely sold on The Show 17. The new features they've added look awesome. Also it's the only sports franchise where every year it actually feels like a upgraded game, not just a roster update.

bluefox7551461d ago

Right? It's consistently the best MLB game available, I don't see any reason to be concerned about it lol.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1462d ago

This opinion piece is junk. Thisgengaming, in my opinion, is the new Gamebolt, in terms of crappy article output.

Mr Pumblechook1461d ago

Can anybody tell me if Sea of Thieves has a single player mode?

Ra3v3r1461d ago

It's entirely mutliplayer but from what I know, there will be ships to accomodate the single player. Lots of stuff in the pipeline and lots of testing coming up!

goatking1461d ago

From what i've seen its going to be like a mmo with single player elements, where you can play by yourself, but also play with others in the same world.

Mr Pumblechook1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

@Rav3ver & @goatking, thanks guys. A bit sad to have that confirmed. The game looks great, music is fab and the world I really want to explore but sometimes after a long day I just want to play alone and not have to deal with other people.

Sciurus_vulgaris1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Duplicate comment, sorry.

isarai1462d ago

MLB? What could possibly be so uncertain in an annual sports game?

eyesick1462d ago

no real additions being made to the game this year

crazychris41241461d ago

Halo Wars 2 beta is out now and ends on the 30th so you can give it a shot before it comes out.

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