Making sense of the Nintendo Switch’s sold out pre-order rush

In Japan, the demand for console gaming has diminished over the years. While not completely dead -- with games and systems still being produced and sold in the East -- sales can pale in comparison to that of the handheld and mobile gaming market.

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colonel1792696d ago

My question is, why are pre-orders sold out, if they are that, pre-orders? The whole point of pre-orders is to measure demand, and have units ready for launch. If Nintendo is, again, trying to lie about supply to create artificial demand, they are making a huge mistake, specially coming from a failed Wii U. If they really only have 2 million units, that is also a big mistake, because they should have announced details of the Switch earlier, so that they had time to manufacture enough units to satisfy demand!

Moonman2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

They will ship more. They underestimated demand but that estimate was obviously a while ago and they were probably being realistic after Wii U. But i'm sure they are pleased with early demand. Japan is really demanding Switch. We'll hear more soon. I know a retailer in New York who is saying March 6th availability. So maybe that's when more will be available.

XisThatKid2695d ago

Why is Ninty till shorting supplies on purpose to cause false sense of demand even though they can easily obtain legit demand? Oh yea because it's great marketing and saves them money in the end and makes them more.
They are Nintendo they don't have to do this anymore people will buy it no matter what.


LEGO Horizon Adventures hands-on report - Playstation Blog

Aloy’s new journey is built for fun solo or with a friend.

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darthv723h ago

I quite enjoy the lego games myself. And I say that confidently as a 50+ y/o man. They are just pure fun.


“Metal Slug Tactics” has just dropped its brand-new gameplay video and Steam demo

"Publisher Dotemu (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, Streets of Rage 4) and developer Leikir Studio (Rogue Lords, Synergy) are proud to announce that the first-ever demo for "Metal Slug Tactics", a grid-based tactical adaptation of the classic action series, is available as part of Steam Next Fest from June 10 - 17." - Dotemu amd Leikir Studio.


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Master abilities, fuse your characters’ strengths, and morph into formidable Knights worthy of overthrowing a grievous reign.