Forza Focus with Dan Greenawalt: Scoreboards and Car Class

To kick things off in the new year, Che Chou cornered Turn 10's freshly shaven game director Dan Greenawalt this week to chat about a basic, but important element to Forza 2 that will underlie every aspect of the overall gameplay: Scoreboards and Car Class Index – two essential components that have both evolved from what the design team has learned from Forza 1 on Xbox.

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JOLLY15430d ago

For people that are laughing at the kids in the other Forza topic. Here are the specs for the "40th anniversary" 911

911 2dr Rear-wheel Drive Coupe Carrera 40th Anniversary
345-hp, 3.6-liter H-6 See Specs Standard

It is not a turbo it is a standard motor.

6-speed manual w/OD See Specs Standard

*signing off* Capt. Obvious