Rumor: Rock Band AC/DC is an "Expansion Pack"

Brandon Undead of the Destructoid community blog says,

"Today we (Walmart) received some material concerning promotional efforts for the forthcoming AC/DC studio album (sold exclusively at Wally World), 'Black Ice'. In it was a bunch of stuff about selling hats, and t-shirts, and AC/DC branded stadium seats, and- WAIT! What's this!?

An AC/DC Rock Band 2 Expansion Pack? 'AC/DC Live at Donington' ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I wondered for a long time if they were referring to DLC, and then remembered we can't sell DLC in a Wal-Mart store. Unless someone has come up with something super-flashy that I don't know about, this must be a physical disc.

By virtue of my totally lady-moistening skills of espionage, I have provided super-secret-spy-cam proof of this memo, and so will probably be terminated in short order. I hope you guys appreciate this!"

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Ice2ms3684d ago

NICE ! I wonder is this the whole album Black Ice ?