Scariest Moments in the Resident Evil Games

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): All those times we legit lost our minds playing Capcom’s Resident Evil series.

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Derceto2499d ago

That's easy. RE 7 getting good reviews. That's about as scary as it gets.


This Feature Makes Lethal Company Scarier Than Resident Evil

Games like Lethal Company end up scary because of their freeform nature, while Resident Evil's polish and storytelling ultimately make them rather tame in comparison. Agree or disagree?

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Resident Evil Franchise Achieves A New Milestone, Sells 146 Million Units Worldwide

The iconic survival horror franchise, Resident Evil, has hit a new milestone, as Capcom announces a total of 146 million units sold.

GaboonViper123d ago

My all time favourite gaming franchise, well done Capcom and so well deserved, i hope up next we finally get a Code Veronica remake.

P_Bomb123d ago

That’s a lotta lock picks! We did our part.

CrimsonWing69122d ago

One of the greatest series of all time!

MadLad122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I love Resident Evil. That said, they have, like, a thousand Resident Evil games on the market at this point. Good numbers, but not insane numbers.

FalcorMononoke122d ago

Nice! I remember playing the first RE back on Saturn in 96 or 97. Loved it but never thought it would be a series I'd still be playing in 2023. Now if we can just get Mega Man a bit more love Capcom, we'd be doing extra well.

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How The Legend of Zelda Franchise Could Benefit From Resident Evil's Model

Capcom's success with the Resident Evil franchise and its release model should influence Nintendo's approach toward The Legend of Zelda.

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