Is Sony VR Joining Their Other Forgotten Ventures?

It wasn’t that long ago when Sony was proclaiming the greatness of their VR headset. These days, things are pretty quiet, worryingly quiet. Sony has a history of going all in on new systems and technology, only to slowly distance themselves from it over time. Will PlayStation VR join the heap of forgotten ideas?

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cberg251604d ago

With the closure of two different internal studios that are previously focused on VR development - it really feels like a repeat of the the Vita.

Eonjay1604d ago

They weren't focused on VR. Sony's North West Studio was created specifically for VR... so check your feelings. Its obvious that they used those studios to create content for launch and now are defaulting to their main studio. Its only been a few months though and they have commented on it several times so that now its not even news anymore. I don't want to hear them brag about being king of VR either. I just wan them to keep doing what they are no doubt doing... which is making more games for it.

GottaBjimmyb1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

IDK, I love my PSVR, but it certainly seems to be going under the rug as far as I can tell. There used to be 3 or 4 games coming each week, now third week in a row not a single new game. (This week has RE7 though, so that is nice) They never seem to talk about it and are not really doing much to restock it either.

super_bruno1604d ago

Is Sony VR Joining Their Other Forgotten Ventures?


thorstein1604d ago

PSVR just arrived in stock in USA stores, just bought mine at gamestop. I'll get it in a few days.

As everyone has known the production problems they were having have been solved and it is on sale again in the USA (and hopefully in the UK.)

It was amazing how it was sold out in the USA and UK, but doomz and gloomz for hateboys huh?

Death1604d ago


What production problems happened after launch?

donthate1604d ago

I don't know, the support for PS VR seems to be vaning. I mean closing two studios? One of them is the more likely game to be a huge success, Rigs. No more content is coming for it too. Needless to say, it wasn't a success.

GamingIVfun1604d ago

Well, it's been restocked everywhere around me after being pretty much sold out since before christmas. Pretty much restocked when Sony said it would be.

PSRV is great, it's selling very well. No need for the doom and gloom. Sony informed the public before it was release that the headset may be in short supply until after the holidays. Closing two studio does not equal abandonment of the hardware. If that were the case both the PS4 and Xbox One would be abandoned by now.

These dumb, uninformed articles do nothing for the gaming public or industry.

bouzebbal1603d ago

"Is Sony VR Joining Their Other Forgotten Ventures?"
It looks that way.. there isn't really any software that's worth it.
With PS you need can't go wrong with their primary devices (PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4).. any extra or extension is a waste of money. They drop support almost instantly.
Do people still believe VR will become the new standard? Like really ?

memots1603d ago

How long as it been out ? Teh doom Teh doooooom

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drunkenspy0071604d ago

The vita has been out over 5 years now and they still make games for it. Let the PSVR get as far before you make such claims.

SmielmaN1604d ago

I find it funny this article drops the same time that VR's first killer app (RE7) drops lol.

81BX1604d ago

Vr's first killer app??? Porn says hello. Jk but kinda not

1604d ago
deafdani1603d ago

But Sony themselves dropped support for the Vita pretty much after its first year.

It's Indie devs and japanese devs that are making games for Vita, not Sony.

memots1603d ago

@deafdani above.

How is Sony not supporting it? It still gets updates and its like you said tons of games are coming out. Just not from Sony directly.

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yeahokwhatever1604d ago

Culling headcount post-launch is normal as breathing for the industry.

gamer11381604d ago

But the whole studio? Worse things is there may never be a reboot/sequel for MediEvil now :(

Fishy Fingers1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

A studio of 19 years? Sold short. Charged with making Vita and VR games, which by all accounts are some of the best on both platforms (KZ, Rigs). Canned.

State of VR aside. That doesn't seem 'normal' to me, seems a shame.

yeahokwhatever1604d ago

Things can be a shame and be normal at the same time. Length of studio life means nothing. Its not like the same team from day one was/is/has been there this whole time. Until you know the internal politics leading up to a culling, you cant really make any speculations. Source: Ive seen some things from within the game industry where I've worked for years.

ShadowWolf7121604d ago

Two studios? They only closed one, and only their last game was VR.

IamTylerDurden11604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

There are so many big name and quality titles coming to PSVR in 2017 off the top of my head..

Resident Evil 7 - getting Great reviews already, it is a full multi million selling AAA that is VR exclusive to PSVR atm.
Farpoint - AAA fps from former Mass Effect devs. Coupled w/the AIM controller it's said to be a game changer.
Ace Combat 7- AAA/Top Gun.
Dreams - new AAA from the makers of LittleBigPlanet.
Dirt Rally - AAA Rally racer.
GT Sport
Starblood Arena - mix between Eve Valkyrie and Overwatch.
Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin - links between Psychonauts 1 and 2.
Fated - viking game.
Megaton Rainfall - Superhero game.
Get Even - a AAA fps from Farm 51.
Xing - similar to The Witness.
Syren - horror.
Modern Zombie - Sony Santa Monica game.
GNOG - beautiful puzzler.
Dying Reborn - 1st person horror.
Ark Park - a dinosaur park in the game Ark.
Tekken 7 - rumored.
Warthunder - rumored.

Kribwalker1604d ago

RE7 is making a lot of reviewers sick as they say the control style just doesn't work well. That's at least what I have read in regards to that

IamTylerDurden11604d ago

I give facts and information yet ppl disagree? Wtf?

bluefox7551604d ago

Considering Sony recently said that they are improving PSVR software and technology, I would say that's a pretty uninformed take on the issue.

andrewsquall1603d ago

Because Sony Bend (Uncharted Golden Abyss), Sony Japan (Gravity Rush) and Clap Hanz (Everybody's Golf) are all closed down and not making games anymore. Wait................. how is this like the Vita????

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S2Killinit1603d ago

I don't know because it's a really impressive tech with huge potential. I personally love it. And I think the games are going to only get better as studios learn to develop for it.

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Kaneki-Ken1604d ago

PlayStation made studio for VR only and Residents Evil 7 is releasing soon which is exclusive to PlayStation VR for a year. PlayStation already have many exclusive coming this year for PSVR. PlayStation just recently allow to see 360 YouTube video now and they even talk about making more supplies. Kaz talk about how he going to use Sony Music, Pictures to make content for it and also talk about the future of PSVR 2,

PixelGateUk1604d ago

Sony have a habit of laying plans for the future but not quite sticking to them. I hope they do good with with their VR, i've been interested in it for some time now

yeahokwhatever1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

It's a great VR solution for the general public. For the price its entirely unbeatable.

I see nobody is willing to list a vr solution thats cheaper AND better than PSVR. Cool.

VforVideogames1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

For that price and all those cords mmmmm no thank you.... i'll stick with my Samsung VR its way better solution for the general public and way way way cheaper .

LordMaim1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

@VforVideogames: Also not comparable in any way. If cheaper is your goal, I'm sure you can get a VirtualBoy cheap at a used games store, since quality of experience isn't a factor.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I am not surprised.
They abandon the PS Move, 3D and Vita after it didn't fly off shelves. The PS4 is all they have. Probably all they need.

PixelGateUk1604d ago

the psp did fairly well, until they started doing things like psp go

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1604d ago

Yeah that was a bad move. Which killed the PSP last 2 years.

1604d ago
mcstorm1604d ago

I loved the go and remember getting 10 free games with it to. I did not have that many PSP games on my 2000 but bought alot more on the go because I did not need to carry games around with me. That was a very good handheld. I was one of the people who were bitten by the Vita though that console had everything going for it and should of walked all over the 3ds but it lacked games. MNR having no MP sucked. PS all stars was ok but no where near as fun as smash bros. Resistance was fun but the MP sucked as all that happend was span kills. LBP was fun but to short and not enough people bought it to make online levels imo. After that the console went down hill fast and lost Sony's and 3rd party's support. I wish they helped it more but I also see Be doing the same. I said before it was out this will be another 3d. No one is excited about VR yes people who try it go wow it's good for the demo or moment they use it but the price of the head sets and psvr dose not have much going for it compared to the PC and phone versions for me I see VR staying around but only in a small market. If any take off it will be AR but again this won't be for gaming

rainslacker1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

PSP Go was just a PSP. They stopped making the hardware, but they still supported it through the PSP line. It's not like it went to waste if you had one, they just didn't market the Go itself anymore because it wasn't selling, because at the time, there weren't many people into what it had to offer, so it makes sense to not continue making the hardware if it weren't going to sell.

Gotta remember that back then, the idea of a full digital console was kind of out there.

As far as PS Move(since the OP mentioned it)

Sony didn't abandon it. They even still make games for it on the PS3, and even PS4. PS3 got a lot of PS Move dedicated support, and a ton of Move functionality added into other games. And of course, it's a core part of PSVR, so can't see how that's abandoned.

Suppose the OP has a point about 3D.

Vita....sort of a half made point I guess.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1604d ago

- 3D was not Sony's failure. It was the entire industry and TV manufactures too

- PS Move came too late in the PS3 cycle just like kinect. Both companies tried but failed. Still both devices sold while they lasted

The only one device you can accuse Sony may be the Vita because they abandoned to favor the PS4 ( for the better or worse) Vita also came too late and too close to PS4. It was only expected that devs will move to PS4 to get their hands on the new tech. Notice it was all the devs who did this, not just Sony devs

The Vita is a tricky and risky business for Sony right now. Putting focus on it harms the PS4, just like the PS4 has harmed the Vita. And now with PS VR. They got too much in their hands. At least this is how I see it and thus I give them the benefit of the doubt. I had 2 years of fun with the Vita until the PS4 came and sometimes play JRPGs. I'm fine with it

PS VR has a better chance because it is a new tech with enough hype for devs to work on it. Whether this hype or willingness of devs will remain for the rest of this gen we will see. So far, PS VR is off a good start

yeahokwhatever1604d ago

If the Vita was Android-based and had open development it would have sold insane numbers. Oh well. Still a fantastic piece of kit.

blanka45451604d ago

Yup that's right over 250 devs for psvr!

Blank1604d ago

Nice well put analysis of Sonys attempts at tech, but still their silence is a bit startling along with their lack of in house development involvement to me personally E3 will be really telling about Sonys direction. I have a headset myself for the sole purpose of Rez VR but still I want this potential realized.

fr0sty1604d ago

Except PSVR became the top selling dedicated VR device in weeks despite others having as much as 2 year head starts, and supply constraints have been holding further sales back. When there are tons of PSVRs gathering dust on the shelves, then we can start talking about them abandoning it.

Silly gameAr1604d ago

"The PS4 is all they have"

So everything else that they have accomplished is pretty much fair game for trolls, amirite?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1604d ago

PS1 and PS2 are discontinued.
So yes PS4 is all they have.
PS3 hasn't been relevant for years.

yeahokwhatever1604d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Weird because I was just using my move controllers for a slew of new PS4 VR games.

3D had nothing to do with PlayStation? Tell that to my PlayStation 3D TV and my collection of PS3 games with the big 3D logo on them.

Aenea1604d ago

3D had nothing to do with PlayStation, the Moves are being used by PSVR.....

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PixelGateUk1604d ago

2017 is key for their VR headset. It needs a solid year to really say 'this is a way to play games' not just 'this was cool huh?'

Mr_cheese1604d ago

I love VR, and I really don't feel that it is being forgotten. It's early days and there is a lot on the horizon.

It would be really naive to think that Sony spent millions on r&d and marketing for it to just be dropped.

To be completely honest, I don't know where the ideas behind this articles keep coming from.

Immorals1604d ago

Because after its launch, all the hype completely died down and talk went back to non VR games.

Hell, since stock came back in retailers round me are full on the bundle offers which doesn't usually happen for a while after release

PixelGateUk1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

2017 is pretty key for Sony's VR. They tend to try to push new stuff for at least 2 years, so i'm sure E3 will have a fair offering of stuff to be interested in VR wise


''I just love how these articles come out one after another trying to kill the hype with what is really PSVRs killer app coming out.''

At no point does the article try to kill the hype off, if you looked at the thing it even mentions Reident Evil's key role in Vr...

'Make no doubt about it, Resident Evil 7 is a key moment in Sony’s VR first year plans. It’s the reason they’ve featured it during their E3 2016 conference. Resident Evil 7 is the perfect showcase for VR, putting it at the front of Sony’s charge is a smart move.'

IamTylerDurden11604d ago

Sony scaled back on advertising after launch bc they had problems manufacturing the RGB screens. PSVR was widely unavailable for months, and it is still scarce in the States. Demand was always there, but stock wasn't. Oh, and Resident Evil 7 is an 86 on Metacritic, a full AAA game, and fully playable on PSVR. I just love how these articles come out one after another trying to kill the hype with what is really PSVRs killer app coming out.

1604d ago
dillydadally1604d ago

This is only because they still can't come close to keeping these things stocked. Anyone who thinks the PSVR is failing hadn't tried to buy one. I've been trying to get one for months. They sell out within 15 minutes of being posted on every website. They can't meet demand.

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yeahokwhatever1604d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Nintendo fans..Xbox fans...PC fans...basically people who hate PlayStation.

"if they dont do well" ITS SOLD OUT.

Kurt Russell1604d ago

And realists. If they don't do well with it in 2017 it will be dead in the water. Technology in VR is rapidly advancing and their window to prove their understanding of it is fairly limiting.

dillydadally1604d ago

Exactly. If you think the PSVR is having problems, you haven't tried to buy one. They're almost impossible to find and sell out within 15 minutes after new stock is posted. That's not a system that's having problems.

Mulando1604d ago

Where do you live. Saw ~30 last weekend in the local Media Markt store. Actually they are there since month and just won't sell.
People buy the PS4Pro, not the PSVR. Sony made the huge mistake to launch both at almost the same time. Now PSVR is totally forgotten by the consumers.

LordMaim1603d ago

@Mulando: You want to give me their address and phone number so that I can call them, buy them all, and make a killing on eBay?

Mulando1603d ago

Everything you need to buy them all ;)
But, the prices on eBay are lower than "retail". The marked just get flooded with these devices here in Germany.
btw, PS4 Pro is sold out.

rainslacker1604d ago

Sony isn't talking about it, and not a lot of games released since Christmas. Since people have the attention span of a goldfish, they think that anything that doesn't get a game released every week is dead. Since game journalists aren't actual journalist that do any research to see why it's sold out, or bother to simply get a statement from Sony about if they've abandoned it, they just go ahead and say it's doomed. Seriously, go find any of these PSVR is doomed articles, and I bet you don't see a single one saying they reached out to Sony for comment.

Apparently nowadays, not mentioning sales numbers every other day equals abandoned.

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