Forza 2 Gameplay Video

Gametrailers has an in-game video for Forza Motorspot 2.

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InMyOpinion5434d ago

Good for flamebait I guess.

MikeMichaels5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

GTHD blows this away but Forza's always been a kinda poor mans GT ripoff, with half the cars and tracks.

You have to be blind to think this game is in the same league visualy as GTHD.

...and F1 completely stomps all over this.


nice_cuppa5433d ago

get someone who doesnt suck to race for the video.#
its not gran tupinball you need to stay on the track.

CG5433d ago

I think they were try to test out the new damage system... just guessing.

D R Fz5433d ago

I can't believe people actually thought this game could compete. Ps3 surely has the upper hand when it comes to realistic racing games.

nice_cuppa5433d ago

they dont work.
gt isnt close to a sim.

CG5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

You can even drive at 150mph straight into a concrete wall and your car will just bounce back with not even a scratch!
You cant do that in forza so there!

nice_cuppa5433d ago

there are people on here who aint idiots.

Shadow Flare5433d ago

yeah, on Forza you can drive 150mph into a concrete wall and the front bumper may snap off

death monk5433d ago

have you played forza? you must have had the damage set on cosmetic and not simulation or whatever the highest setting is (I don't recall at the moment). doing that in forza makes you lose wheels, damage your drive train, damage your gear box, and unless your engine is in the back of your car you will seriously damage it. this usually makes it so your car can then only travel at about 40 mph and if your wheel is missing, making a right or left turn is a hassle.

call it an arcade ripoff all you want, but forza is full of plenty of customization (not just paint jobs as Sony folks seem to think) and very good driving physics and damage models.

THWIP5433d ago

...and never plans to. Only an idiotic Sony fanboy, who thinks the GT series is "the ultimate racing sim" is capable of such a braindead comment.

MissAubrey5433d ago

youre a moron. duh GT has more cars its cooler!
if you havent played Forza then shut the hell up.

NewZealander5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

Have u even played Forza? I love raceing games and I loved the GT series, But im sorry forza blew GT4 away as far as graphics and realism goes, GT does not even have damage, forza damage system is alsome, And im sure forza 2 will blow GT5 away. without damage it takes away the realism.

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Schmitty075433d ago

Can not wait until this comes out

gapzi11a5433d ago

Graphics are very important, but they do not make a realistic racing sim- physics and control do. Forza and Forza 2 offer the most realistic racing physics engine to date. It takes an amazing amount of computer power to calculate these physics in split seconds. A game operating on this level would not look or run any better on the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.