Video Game Lets People Have Sex

Naughty America: The Game" pairs a multiplayer, interactive game with the opportunity to be, well, naughty with other people playing from their own homes, using webcams all over the country. (Players can even agree to meet offline).

While the new game and others like it have created a lot of buzz in the tech world, "erotic games" are also setting off an interesting debate among sexual health experts. With the Internet enabling porn addiction like never before, does this game go too far?

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OutLaw5824d ago

Imagine going on the internet and trying to pick somebody up like this. I could see it now. You get all dressed up then you go to your PC and stroll the fake bar seen or club and tell somebody if they want to go back to your place. It does seem funny but also you could get yourself hurt by somebody you don't know and most of the people who probably would do this is sick in the head. So carry your mase if you do this.

speed5824d ago

this doesn't seem like a healthy solution for lonliness. for chrissake folks, its OK to venture out in the real world and meet people, its really not that challenging if you give it a try

Gh0stDrag0n5824d ago (Edited 5824d ago )

This is really sad.

PS360PCROCKS5823d ago

LMAO! LAME!!! dude go to a bar, women exist in the real world lol, but this could be funny to play, minus the webcam of course, but funny for a late night drinking binge with a few buddies for a good laugh